4 Common Signs of a Bad Wheel Alignment

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Your car’s wheel alignment is one of those most critical aspects of steering and the driveability of your vehicle. If you have ever experienced your vehicle pulling to one side of the road while driving, then you know how the wheel alignment can affect your driving. There are some things you can spot to identify the problem If you see the most common signs of a bad adjustment, then you can rest easy knowing that the solution should be as easy as to take your car to the repair shop to get an alignment performed. Let’s take a peek at the top 4 to be on the lookout.


1. Your Vehicle Isn’t Driving Straight

If you notice while driving that your car is drifting to the left or right without any assistance, this is cause for concern. It is the number one way most people will be able to identify that the alignment is off. Besides the fact that it is somewhat annoying to drive this road, driving on a bad alignment for too long, can sometimes affect other steering components.


2. Uneven Wear on Tires

Do you have your tires rotated? If so, and you have noticed that you are having to do it more frequently or even replacing tires sooner than expected this can be due to uneven wear. Uneven wear results from a bad alignment that causes the tires to rub on the inside. A simple check of your tires will give you an idea if this is a problem. It is perhaps one of the scarier signs because if left untreated you could have a tire blow out.


3. Vibration While Driving

If you hear some pretty unsettling tire noise or a shaky feeling while driving, this could point to alignment issues. It is caused by the wheels pulling against one another. If you experience vibration while driving, then it is a good idea to get it checked out.


4.Steering Wheel is Not Centered

When you are driving continuously, your steering wheel should look centered, and not crooked. It is a noticeable one if you have a bad alignment, and is a good indicator that your alignment is way off.



A lousy wheel alignment is something you shouldn’t put off correcting. While you might just think that it is a bad to have to navigate your car frequently, it does indeed do more than that. Alignments should be done by an automotive technician that can get it precise and straight. It is essential to have this service performed if you experience any of these common signs.