4 Facts Everyone Should Know About Engine Heads

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What Is an Engine Head?

One of the essential portions of your engine and your car as a whole is the engine head. The engine head is also known as the cylinder head. These heads sit on top of the cylinder block, otherwise known as the engine block. This block is in charge of housing the main components of the engine and is where the process of fueling your car takes place. The head is part of the engine block.


What Is its Job?

The task of an engine head is simple yet complicated all at the same time. The front part close in the engine block, which houses the combustion chamber. The combustion container is where the fuel, air, pistons, and spark plugs all work together to turn gasoline into fuel for your car to run. Cylinder heads can also help to ensure that the exhaust pipe safely excreted the exhaust which is created by the chemical reaction. The essential role of the engine head, therefore, is to allow the reaction of the gasoline to power the motor.


Where Is It?

As mentioned before, located on the engine block is the engine head, otherwise known as the cylinder block, of an engine. While the cylinder block takes up a significant portion of the engine, the engine head takes up pieces of that structure. These heads sit on top of the cylinder block, joined to the engine via head gaskets. They are also the home of many of the spark plugs, valve, and fuel injectors in the engine. They play a significant role in the proper functioning of the engine and must be cared for appropriately.


How Does It Improve Car Performance?

Without the proper functioning of engine heads, the engine simply will not be able to function. Any engine head shop will be able to tell you, without the driver’s heads, the explosive fueling of the engine will not be able to work. The motor heads maintain the proper pressure, air levels, and heat that is necessary for the fuel to ignite and feed the engine. Many of the specific parts of the engine, such as spark plugs. Without these parts, the engine cannot run. And without a running driving force, your car is all but doomed. It, of course, means that you must be able to take care of your engine heads.


How Is It Maintained?

Engine head repairs are going to be simple enough for any engine head shop. However, most people will want to try and take care of their engine heads themselves. It involves basic car maintenance – changing your oil, regular tune-up, and giving your vehicle high-quality fuel. You can also always visit your local engine head shop to check on your engine, asking for specific tips on how you can take care of your engine heads and engine blocks in the period between tune-ups.