4 Signs of Engine Block Failure

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What is Engine Block Failure?

For anyone who has knowledge about engines, you know that engine blocks are the casings which hold the intake and exhaust passages, crankcases, coolant passages, the cylinder, and other internal components. The engine block keeps them safe from damage during regular usage. However, sometimes the engine block fails, which can lead to your car not working at full efficiency. How do you know that you have engine block failure for you to identify the issue and take it to an engine block repair shop? It is a wise practice to fix the damage before it gets serious.


Overheated Car

One of the sure signs that something has happened to your engine block is an overheated car. While this can occur through several different causes, one of the first that you should look at is engine block damage. When a crack in the engine block allows the leaking of antifreeze, it causes the car to overheat. The temperature gauge rises, and the engine does not run at full capacity.


Smoke From Engine

Regardless of the cause, seeing smoke from the engine is a source for anyone to go to a repair shop. However, the chances are that the issue will specifically need engine block repair. When you are driving and can see gray, black, or blue smoke leaking from your hood, the chances are that you have a crack in the block, which then allows for exhaust fumes to exit through the crack, rather than the exhaust system. It is not only unhealthy for you; it can cause long-term or permanent damage to your car and engine. To remedy this situation, take your car to an engine block repair shop to assess and fix the damage.


Mixing of Oil and Antifreeze

However, not all signs of engine block failure are going to be easily noticeable during your regular driving. During your regular car check-ups and maintenance, some of the engine block failure wills. When you have to change your oil, and there is oil mixed with another fluid, the chances are high that it is a crack in the engine block that is allowing the antifreeze to leak into the oil. The mixture will look milky white in appearance and will be easy to spot. If you or another professional sees this, you will immediately need engine block repair.


Engine Weakens

Of course, these problems are going to cause damage to your engine. Even if the damage is not permanent, it will lead to a weakening of your overall engine performance. Your engine is going to work harder, and need more to run at a basic level. It will run all of your interior fluids faster, as well as your gasoline. Your engine will eventually wear down, and while it will be technically still functioning, you will need to replace the motor, or you need to go to an engine block repair shop.