6 Best Automotive Blogs You Need to Follow

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Mechanics, car enthusiasts, and the weekend repair warriors can learn a few things from reading blogs on the internet. Many blogs offer useful insight into repairs, and technology that can make life a lot easier. Automotive blogs also offer up discussion possibilities whether in the comment section or with your buddies. This blog is a guide to the must follow blogs for automotive on the internet. It will offer you a wide variety of content that is sure to excite, be knowledgeable, and thought-provoking.


Motor Trend – www.motortrend.com

Perhaps, one of the most distinctive places to get information on everything automotive is Motor Trend. They have fantastic blog entries about almost anything mechanic. They do reviews on cars, motor talk, and news. If you’d like to stay connected to the most up-to-date info on the car world, Motor Trend is fantastic. They also have blog posts on classic cars, with details on builds and pictures from their active members. If you are in the business for a new vehicle, they also have detailed buyer’s guides that make shopping a breeze.


Popular Mechanics – www.popularmechanics.com/cars


Interested in everything new that is going on with technology as it relates to cars? Popular Mechanics has been the go-to destination for car enthusiasts that want to know the latest and greatest in the Automotive world. They also have inspiring articles on crash tests and upkeep of your auto. Not only do they have a focus on the newest cars out there, but also have throwbacks to history. Because you can’t know where you are going without knowing where you have been.


Eric The Car Guy – www.ericthecarguy.com

You might be familiar with Eric the Car Guy’s Youtube channel, but the blog is just as informative. If you are looking for some great how to, and do it yourself tips, his blog is superb. If you would like to see a car build from start to finish, his blog has a documented account of his Ford Fairmont project. He keeps things light and funny and is an enjoyable read. His blog is perfect for those that are looking for more information on how vehicles run and are wanting to know the inner workings of systems of your car. He also offers advice on what to look for when buying a used car and solving performance issues you may be having on your vehicle.


Auto Repair Questions – www.auto-repair-questions.com


If you are looking for a blog that responds to questions about repairs, this is the one for you. Auto-Repair-Questions.com gives a glimpse into how to repair many of the different problems that can arise with your car. They break down the type of car, the problem experienced, and give a detailed account of what is going on. This blog will provide you with a better understanding of the nuances that happen when your vehicle isn’t operating correctly. Better yet, if you have a question, email them, and you might find that your issue will be solved on their blog posting. Their site also features wiring diagrams to many makes and models to help any project you might have gone much smoother.


National Tool Warehouse – blog.nationaltoolwarehouse.com


This list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the tools of the trade. If you are going to work on your vehicle, you might want to head over to National Tool Warehouse and read up on some of the tools that are on the market that will make your job go much smoother. They explore and report why you need specific tools and what makes some better than others. It is a must browse for anyone that likes to get their hands dirty.


Buy Auto Parts – www.buyautoparts.com/blog


As a company that sells auto parts, they deliver a very informative blog. Many of their topics center around elements that are common to fail on vehicles. This handy tool is great if you are experiencing a problem, and are having trouble determining the cause. Curious about what parts to buy? Some of their blogs focus on buying guides to help make your decision on whether or not its something to invest in. For instance, they have a buying guide for choosing the catalytic converters.