Replacing The Air Filter Of A Subaru

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Replacing the Subaru Air Filter in 9 Steps

The air filtration system of a Subaru is planned in such a way that allows for the improvement on the quality of air coming out of the enclosed space of the car. In order to ensure free movement of the air coming out of the vent, there is a need to replace the air filter from time to time. Using an air filter for a long period of time could cause slow dispersal of air in the vehicle as a result of the blocked passage of air due to dirt.

Based on the recommendation, it is necessary that you replace your filter once in a year or more than once, depending on the distance covered in a year. This article would explain 9 simple steps that will help you replace the air filter on a Subaru.

The steps involve in changing air filter of a Subaru

  1. There is a dashboard panel on your right hand side directly next to the glove box, remove this panel. Take away every document or things kept inside the glove box and pull out the dashboard panel.
  2. Take away the glove box. There is a string located at the right side serving as a stopper for the glove box, apply some force on the glove box from both sides to free the knock pins, loose the screw holding those knock pins. Use a Philip screw-driver for losing the screws. Then, you can easily remove the pins.
  3. You have to detach the glove box stop from track groove. You can achieve this by applying pressure on the glove box from the side. Do it alternatively, to lose the stop from the track. Release your hand and watch as the glove box drop on its own.
  4. Remove owner’s manual shelf. You will find a shelf that is being raised inside the glove box. This is found on some models. The shelf is to hold the owner manual. Philip screwdriver is better to lose the screw holding the shelf to the right side of the console of the glove box.
  5. Detach the bracket that houses the filter. There are 3 screws holding firm the filter house. Using the same Philip screw, lose those 3 screws and detach the bracket of the house first and later detach every insulator covering the bracket.
  6. There are four clips holding the plate of the filter house. Apply pressure on this clip and get rid of the formal filter on the plate.
  7. You can now put your new Subaru air filter. The same way you remove the old filter from the plate, place the new air filter on the same tray and make sure the guiding arrows inscribed on the new filter is facing the right direction.
  8. Make sure the clips are back in place and then fix your plate back inside the filter house.
  9. Follow the reversal way of what you did to remove the old filter. Restore back every part that you have disengaged earlier and fix the screw back.

With these 9 tips, you are sure to handle the changing of the air filter on your Subaru.

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