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Alignment Service

Get Your Vehicle Driving Straight Again

Is your Subaru taking a little more effort to stay straight while driving? Is your steering wheel not centered? These common indications of an alignment problem can make driving less fun, and unsafe. We understand the importance of having your Subaru’s alignment be on point. That’s why at M45 Automotive we offer our customers an alignment service to get everything back the way it should.

Alignment problems can happen for numerous reasons. Sometimes when replacing steering or suspension parts, it is necessary to have an alignment. If this service isn’t performed the alignment will be off and slowly get worse.

Signs It Might Be Time To Get An Alignment

Having an alignment done can solve many problems you might be experiencing with your Subaru Forester. Some of the symptoms of a bad alignment can include:

  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Vehicle Veers to the Left or Right When Driving
  • A Not-So-Straight Steering Wheel When Driving Straight

If your wheels are having any of these, it is more than likely solvable with our alignment service. Don’t settle for just having to keep correcting your steering wheel when driving. Instead get your Subaru back to performing the way it should and enjoy driving once more. We can help!

Should I Still Drive My Vehicle With A Bad Alignment?

It isn’t advised to drive a vehicle with a bad wheel alignment. It can cause wear on other suspension or steering component. Ultimately this wear will cause premature failure of parts which will result in a more costly repair bill. Perhaps the most significant reason to not drive your Subaru with a bad wheel alignment is that it is unsafe. Subaru’s are one of the safest vehicles on the road today, but a bad alignment can cause the car to drift to one side and could result in an accident. A wheel alignment is a solution to keeping you and your Subaru safe. Having an adjustment done is well worth the benefits of possibly reducing car bills and keeping your family safe.

M45 Automotive Alignment Service

Our alignment service can typically be done the same day as you bring it in. It doesn’t mean that the alignment service is simple. It is a very complicated process. Subaru’s are all-wheel-drive vehicles, so this means that they will need to have a four wheel alignment performed. Every aspect of the suspension will need to be looked at to access if any parts have become worn out and if they need to be replaced. If parts are found to be broken, worn, or show signs of failing soon, it will be recommended you have these done before continuing with the alignment service. Repairing or replacing parts of the suspension will give longer lasting results for the alignment service. It is possible that any faulty parts found could be the cause of the alignment problem. The alignment service will be done using a machine that will perfectly square the suspension components as well as repair the steering wheel to its centered position.

Don’t keep driving your Subaru when it’s out of alignment, instead solve your steering problems with an alignment service from M45 Automotive. As Subaru experts, we understand the complexity of the all-wheel-drive system and know how important keeping a Subaru’s suspension within manufacturer’s specs. Gain the benefits of a safer ride, and reduce wear on suspension parts with an alignment service today.

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