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M45 Automotive in Bakersfield – Your Trusted Subaru Repair Shop

Now, if you are trying to find a dedicated as well as highly professional team of experts to handle the problems of your Subaru and you are in Bakersfield, you've managed to stumble upon the right place. We at the M45 Automotive are going to provide you with all the comprehensive services that you need to ensure that your vehicle functions as per the highest mechanical standards.

Here's a shortlist of the services we currently offer along with their prices.

Subaru Machine Shop Price List

Bore & Deck w/ Torque Plate - 4 Cyl


Cylinder Head Surface - Both Heads


Valve Job Standard


Valve Job + 1


*SS Valves Intake and Exhaust


Replace Valve Guides Standard


*GSC Guides Intake and Exhaust


Valve Lash Adjustment - Bucket Style (Heads off Engine


*if buckets are needed (each) x16


Fly Wheel Surface


Basic Clean, Inspect of Case and Heads


Service done at M45 Automotive with over 20 years experience

We are a dedicated mechanic shop which focuses on handling Subaru vehicles only. It is the only way we can guarantee to deliver dealer-like quality and why not even better than that? Our prices? Well, it is safe to say that they have nothing in common when you compare them to those of the official dealerships. We believe in the value of our service, and we want to make it as accessible as it is possible. Some of the services that you can rely on us, and we will handle include:

  • Oil changes
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Maintenance checks
  • Check engine light examination
  • Part replacement and many more of the kind

Of course, you may not even know what's wrong with the vehicle. If that's the case, you'd be one of our numerous customers who've experienced the same thing. With this in mind, we have a sophisticated and contemporary examination equipment which allows us to quickly identify the malfunction and handle it as per the highest standards.

We work as it is convenient for you

You can count on us to book an appointment for at least five days throughout the week, and we also offer shuttle services, should you need to get your car taken care of while you are at work. It's safe to say that we are amongst the leading service providers when it comes to Subaru in Bakersfield.

If you have any questions or would like to do business with us,
please give us a ring at

(530) 823-7645