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Battery Services

All the operations of your Subaru begin at the battery. The battery is what turns everything on. From the function of the radio, down to the vehicle’s computer system, nothing will operate if your Subaru has a dead or weak battery. There are a few signs that your battery is on its way out. If you’re having trouble with slow cranks and starts or no starting with a click sound, it’s safe to say your battery might be the problem. Before heading out to purchase a battery for your Subaru Forester brings it by M45 Automotive for an inspection.

Get Your Battery Tested at M45

The first step to diagnosing any problem is to get it inspected and tested. The battery will register a certain number of volts if it can hold a charge and is still a good battery. We can check your battery to make sure it has the right amount of charge. Normal car batteries will measure at 12.6 volts or above. If your Subaru’s battery is falling short of this number, it might be time for a replacement. It’s a perfect idea to bring your Subaru Outback by M45 Automotive before long trips to ensure your battery is in good working order.

Battery Connections and Terminals

Is your Subaru’s battery not getting a good connection at the terminals? Over time corrosion can become built up at the connectors causing a bad connection. It can cause a vehicle not to start, have slow cranking, and power supply issues. The solution is to bring your vehicle into M45 Automotive and have the terminals and connections inspected. We can clean the terminals to give your connectors better connection, and possibly solve the problem with your power supply.

Battery Fluid Inspection

In some batteries, there are transparent windows to help monitor the battery fluid level. An inspection of the liquid level will quickly diagnose the problem of a leaking battery that may need to be replaced. While this might seem a scary idea of leaking battery fluid, it is, and it isn’t. At most points in a batteries life, this will happen, due to the amount of use and age. It is possible in some cases to refill battery fluid to extend the life of the battery.

Battery Replacements

Replacing your battery is recommended under some circumstances. Signs of battery deterioration can show itself in some ways. A bloated battery can be visually inspected and is easy to diagnose. A swollen battery can bloat at the bottom or sides of the cell. Battery swelling is typically caused by rapid heating of the battery and frequently happens in warmer climates. The second sign that your battery needs to be replaced is battery leaks. A battery leak will have a strong pungent rotten egg smell and is easily diagnosed. It is the corrosion that occurs on the terminals and on the battery itself. If there is a lot of corrosion present, replacing the battery is a good idea.

Having your battery inspected by M45 can quickly solve any power related problems you have with your Subaru if it is indeed the battery. However, many battery problems are confused with alternator problems, because of they are similar to what they do for a vehicle. Bad batteries can cause you to be stranded and not make a return trip home, or even be stuck at your home. If you notice any signs of a bad battery, it might be time to replace. A trained technician will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and get your Subaru on the road, and you back to enjoying the drives worry free.

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