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Belts And Hoses Services

Belts and hoses aren’t exactly the most exciting feature of a Subaru. However, they do play some roles in keeping it running the way it should. On most Subaru vehicles, you’ll have a serpentine belt, upper and lower radiator hoses, power steering hoses, and brake hoses. If there are problems with belts and hoses, the only solution is to replace these parts. Belts and hoses wear out over time and can start to crack, or break. If you suspect that your Subaru Impreza is having issues with any of its belts or hoses, M45 Automotive can most certainly help. We only work on Subaru’s; they are our passion. We have skilled technicians on hand that can diagnose and repair any belt or hose problem.

Serpentine Belt Inspection and Replacement Services

Is your Subaru Impreza making an annoying squealing sound coming from the under the hood? This squealing can not only drive you crazy, but it is also an alert letting you know there is a potential problem. The serpentine belt is responsible for keeping many accessories running including the power steering, air conditioning, water pump, alternator, and engine crank. When a serpentine belt snaps the first thing you will notice is the loss of power steering. It is imperative that if it breaks do not continue to drive your Subaru. It will cause your engine to overheat and could result in engine failure. To prevent these things from happening it is best to have your serpentine belt inspected regularly. We can identify the warning signs that a belt needs a replacement because of age, signs of wear and appearance, or the squealing noise it makes.

Radiator Hose Inspection and Replacement Services

Radiator hoses are what keeps coolant moving from the radiator to the engine block. These critical hoses are part of the cooling system that prevents the engine from overheating. When an engine gets too hot, it can result in complete engine failure. Radiator hose leaks are a common problem for any vehicle. They can become cracked over time due to age, or can deteriorate and be susceptible to holes. Signs that your radiator hose is needing to be replaced is leaks at the engine block, water pump or radiator. Another possible sign is that your temperature gauge will rise slowly and not level out to normal. It is essential to have these hoses replaced quickly to prevent other more expensive repairs. M45 Automotive can replace these hoses and add anti-freeze so that you can get back to enjoying your Subaru for many miles to come.

Power Steering Hose Replacement

Let’s say you are driving along and you start noticing that the steering wheel has become more difficult to turn. While there are many reasons this can happen such as low fluid, the serpentine belt slips, or the pump itself has gone out, it could be a sign the power steering hose needs to be replaced. A leaking power steering hose, will lose fluid slowly, and the hard turning of the wheel doesn’t happen as fast, but it is still a problem that needs to be addressed. Most of us, consider no power steering a less than an ideal driving condition. Unless you enjoy the feeling of no power steering or have a desire to go back to the day when power steering was a luxury you’d want to fix this problem. Instead, a quick inspection by our automotive techs will pinpoint if the hose needs to be replaced.

Brake Hose Replacement

Brakes are the safety feature we depend on when driving our Subarus everywhere we go. While the brake hose is just one small component, it needs to be in good condition. Like other hoses, these are susceptible to cracks and leaks. When this happens, you will lose the ability to stop, and that just isn’t safe. If your Subaru Outback is having problems with stopping or you notice that the brakes are spongy feeling, bring it into M45 Automotive for a brake hose inspection. It can be hard to determine if a hose is a problem or something else, but our experienced Subaru technicians can get you in and quickly identify the problem.

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