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Brake Repair and Service

Has your Subaru Outback started to make squeal noises when stopping? Is it not stopping the way it used to? Is the brake pedal not as responsive as it once was? Some basic issues can arise with the braking system of your vehicle and it should be addressed. The braking system and its components are what allows your vehicle to stop safely. Subaru vehicles, in general, are very safe in crash test ratings, but the braking system is the first line of defense to avoid certain accidents. Brakes need to be serviced at regular intervals to ensure they are working correctly. With the disc brake system that Subaru vehicles are outfitted with pads, rotors, calipers, and hoses can all fall victim to needing to be replaced.

Subaru has a very complicated braking system in comparison to other makes and models on the market. Electronics regulate many of the components of the system and this method can become faulty. However, the most common issue experienced is the brake pads wearing down. It happens regardless of what model vehicle you are driving. Brake pads just have to be changed over the course of use and are estimated every 10,000 miles it is needed. If you are driving along enjoying the winding roads and you notice a high pitched screech, this is your brake pads letting you know it is time to change them. Brake pads are outfitted with a wear indicator and this alerts the driver that it is time to take them in. M45 Automotive can quickly diagnose if your Subaru is in need of a brake pad change.

If you drive long on brake pads that are bad, there is a higher chance that your rotors are going to warp and wear unevenly. To avoid a more expensive repair such as replacing the brake pads and rotors, it’s a good idea to have M45 Automotive review your brakes status. We can quickly alert you to if returning one or both is recommended. Brake inspections are the best way to see how well your brake system is operating. With safety being a primary concern for most drivers, making sure everything is working correctly with the brakes is a vital service to have done.

M45 Automotive’s trained technicians can access the wear of your brake pads and rotors if calipers are locking up or sticking, or just if your brake fluid is low. There a lot of reasons brakes won’t work the way they should, and our trained professionals can help. When you own a Subaru, having just anyone work on it can be a big mistake. Subaru has some of the most advanced cars on the market, and many smaller shops don’t have the experience or tools to complete the job correctly.

Before you set out in your Subaru Impreza on a fun adventure down the coast or take that ultimate road trip be sure that your brake system is working the way it should. Take advantage of the experts here at M45 Automotive to inspect, repair or replace any part of your brake system today.

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