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Climate Control Services

Heating and cooling are one the most basic comfort features your Subaru has to offer. Well along with any upgraded features such as heated seats available in the Outback, which are also amazing. A good working climate control system will quickly warm you in the winter and cool you in the summer. M45 Automotive offers several climate control services to keep your vehicles comfort settings just where you need and wants them to be. Get your Subaru Outback ready for the changing seasons and have M45 service your climate control system.

Cabin Filter Replacement

Most new Subaru’s are outfitted with a cabin filter. The purpose of the cabin filter is to prevent allergens and dust particles from entering your vehicle through the air vents. It can also stop bacteria from entering. Bacteria can create a not so pleasant smell as well. Cabin filters need to be replaced every so often when they become older and dirty. They can’t perform their job well when clogged with excessive amounts of debris. The solution is to have M45 Automotive inspect your filter and replace it if necessary.

A/C Services

Problems with any component of your air conditioning system can cause your vent to blow warm air instead of cold. The air conditioning system consists of the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Anyone of these can become faulty. One of the most common problems could be the a/c needs to be charged. No matter what the problem is with your air conditioning system M45 can pinpoint the problem and fix it. If your air conditioner isn’t working in your Subaru Forester, bring it by M45 Automotive for an AC checkup.

Heating Services

Not having a heater when the weather is chilly can make driving your Subaru very unpleasant. Heating issues such as a non-working blower motor or possibly a leaking heater core. Having an issue with your heat doesn’t have to remain a problem. A faulty blower motor is indicated by no air coming from the vents. While it might be an electrical problem, the blower motor could also be the issue. A trained professional will be able to access the problem and find a solution.
M45 Automotive can service your Subaru’s heating components to get your climate control operating the way it should.

Electrical Problems

At times, the electrical system can be faulty. It is a complex issue that requires a skilled technician to track down the problem. We have experienced technicians that are lead by an ASE certified master technician that has over 16 years of experience. We are Subaru experts and know them inside and out. So if you are having problems with your Subaru Forester, bring it to M45 Automotive for repair before summer gets here.

Other Climate Control Problems

These are just a couple of services we offer to keep your climate control functioning the way it should. If you are not sure what the problem is, we can inspect the components of your Subaru and accurately let you know what the problem is. Get prepared for summer and winter with a good working climate control system.

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