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Cooling System Services

Cooling system problems can happen to anyone. They can create a lot of issues if they aren’t corrected quickly. It is mainly because the cooling system provides an excellent service to any vehicle. It keeps the motor and transmission cool and allows these parts not to overheat. If motors or transmissions get hot, they can break, seize up, and it will result in catastrophic failure. We have numerous services available to keep your cooling system up and to run and be leak free.

Cooling System Maintenance

Maintenance is the best possible service you can have done to your Subaru. It’s true that having preventative maintenance done at regular intervals can stop some problems from occurring. Some of the issues that can happen will also be more expensive than what regular maintenance services will cost. It is something to consider when it is time to have services such as a coolant flush done. Another cost-effective maintenance service is replacing radiator hoses when they are showing signs of age. Hoses are notorious for cracking. When they do break, it lets the pressure escape from the cooling line causing a massive mess of antifreeze. It also means that antifreeze is no longer circulating through your motor, which can result in overheating issues. Ask us about cooling system maintenance for your Subaru on your next visit and make sure it is performing the way it needs to be.

Cooling System Repairs

Many of the Subaru engines have had mixed problems with the cooling system. For example, the 2.5l has a history of overheating and head gasket issues. It doesn’t mean that every 2.5 liter Subaru engine will have this at some point, but it has been a notable issue. While your Subaru might not be experiencing classic blown head gasket symptoms, M45 can tackle any cooling system challenge you might have. A common occurrence can be a radiator needs to be replaced. These can get damaged, and holes can become present. When this does happen, you will notice that your Subaru will overheat and also have antifreeze leaking from the radiator. When you drive your car and park it for the night, you must check under the vehicle for signs of fluid leaking before leaving in the morning. If you see a puddle or a small drip, this could be a sign that your radiator might need to be replaced. However, leaks can happen in several places throughout the cooling system. These leaks will cause overheating. But overheating is a general symptom, meaning it could be any number of things. From a faulty thermostat to a leaking hose, or even a failing water pump one thing is for sure it isn’t good for your Subaru. Anytime you are having to keep monitoring your temperature gauge or get a warning light in your Subaru; you should bring it by to have it inspected by our automotive technicians.

What Happens If My Head Gasket Blows?

A faulty cooling system can lead to a blown head gasket. If this happens, stay calm. Having a blown head gasket doesn’t necessarily mean your Subaru WRX is never going to run again. We can replace your head gasket with a new one, and our machine shop can resurface the cylinder heads. If you might think that you have a blown head gasket or unsure if that is the problem, give us a call, we are here to help.

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