Why it’s Crucial to Have an Oil Change Performed Regularly

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There are many essential parts of your vehicle, but the motor is possibly the most important. Taking care of the engine will help to ensure your car last longer and stays on the road. The key service every car owner needs to have down consistently is an oil change. Oil changes are what helps to keep your engine healthy. Vehicle motors use oil for some functions, and without oil or using bad oil, your car will suffer or experience a complete failure. There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your engine and its need for oil changes. They can include:


Oil Changes Are Essential to Lubricating Moving Parts

An engine is made of up moveable metal parts. These can include the crankshaft, the roller rockers, pistons, and pushrods just to name a few. All these parts must work together for the engine to function. They also need a fair amount of lubrication to keep them going because metal to metal causes friction. Oil serves the purpose of not only lubricating but also to cool down these parts. Dirty oil can have debris in it which will cause it not to work as efficiently. Running an engine with no oil is a recipe for disaster. No engine oil will cause your moving parts to rub together and eventually lock up. When a motor locks up, it more than likely isn’t salvageable. The cost of replacing a Subaru engine isn’t cheap and can run in the thousands. An oil change can run less than a hundred dollars. So it’s clear to see why having the service done and making sure your engine has the correct quantity is vital.


Improve Your Fuel Economy

Many people don’t know that changing your oil can improve your gas mileage. Confusion partly comes from not knowing how the oil and fuel relate to one another. The benefit of better MPG comes from your engine not having to work as hard. When new oil is placed in the engine, the movable parts will move smoother. When lubrication is better, your engine doesn’t have to work hard, which means you will not have to use as much gas to get the same effect. So having an oil change performed will help to save you money at the gas pump, and in return almost cover the cost of the oil change service.


Maintain the Overall Health of Your Engine

As mentioned above oil works to keep the moving parts lubricated and cool. Maintaining your engine by having regular oil changes will eliminate the dirt that can accumulate which causes your engine to run harder. Because the engine is one of the most expensive elements of your car having regular maintenance done such as an oil change will ensure it stays in tip-top shape. Changing your oil can also help to lower your emission by using a clean product, this is more prevalent in older vehicles that tend to burn a little oil when they function.



Oil changes are an inexpensive service to have done, but will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. This service shouldn’t be put off and should be done at regular intervals according to the vehicle manufacturers specifications. It’s also recommended to use the same oil that is stated in your user manual for optimal performance.