Dealership Service Versus Independent Mechanics

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When owning a vehicle, you delight in taking it for a spin, seeing the country, or using it as your primary means of transportation. To keep it running the way it should, and at its very best there will be maintained that needs to be done. Oil changes, tune-ups, and tire rotations are just a small portion that makes a huge difference in how your Subaru will function. When something is wrong, you will also need to take your vehicle in for servicing.

Problems can happen with vehicles at any time. Cars, no matter there make, or model has a tendency to break over time. Parts will become worn out more quickly depending on your driving habits and how many miles are put on your Subaru. When it comes time to take your car in for service, whether repair or maintenance, the choice becomes dealership versus independent service shop. A Subaru service Truckee shop, such as M45 Automotive is an independent automotive shop. M45 Automotive only services Subarus, so what is the real difference between selecting an independent service station versus the dealership?



The most significant difference between dealerships and independent is the cost. The price of repairs or maintenance doesn’t necessarily dictate the age-old quote, “you get what you pay for” when choosing the less expensive option. Dealerships are known to be more expensive, for just about every service. A typical oil change will run double at the dealership. But why? Isn’t an oil change merely draining the oil, replacing the oil filter, and refilling? Why does it have to be more expensive at the dealership? Because people assume dealers know what they are doing more so than a trained technician at an independent shop, and this is just false. Don’t pay more when you can get affordable service that has equally high-quality maintenance and repairs.



Have you ever tried to make an appointment at a dealership for repairs? Their books seem always to be filled. You will be lucky to get scheduled services or fixes done in a week or two. A Subaru mechanic in Truckee CA will be able to get you in quickly, make the repairs and get you on your way to a fully functional vehicle. When you match the quick availability with a more affordable cost, it’s just a no-brainer.



The myth that dealership technicians much have much more experience is so false! At Subaru repair Truckee CA shop, M45 Automotive, you will find the technicians had worked for a dealership before and had years of experience. The best part about choosing M45 Automotive you know that your Subaru is being handled by automotive experts that only work with the Subaru brand.

So should you choose the expensive dealership services over an independent shop? Certainly not. Unless you like to pay more, wait longer, for the same repair or maintenance service. You don’t have to pay more for the services just because of fancy seating and a Subaru badges and signs everywhere. Independent mechanics, when specializing in a particular make will know everything a dealership does, and in some cases more.


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