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The Subaru boxer diesel started in 2008 as a response to those wanting better fuel economy and more torque. Wildly popular in Europe and Australia these vehicles so much in the way of providing an excellent driving experience. The Subaru Outback turbo diesel is an impressive vehicle to drive, but also needs routine maintenance and repair work done when necessary. Some of the things you would expect to go wrong on these are similar to other turbo diesel products like the VW 2.0 Liter turbo diesel. One excellent service you can do for the life of your diesel vehicle is having the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance performed.

Maintenance for Turbo Diesel Engines

Maintaining your diesel engine is similar to gasoline engines. They do have different features though that make them not the same. For instance, gasoline engines use spark plugs to start combustion and diesel use glow plugs to increase temperature to induce compression. When it comes to maintenance on both engines, oil changes are a must. Some diesel models require more frequent oil changes than their gasoline counterpart. Oil changes keep the engine lubricated and keeps the internal parts in good working order. The lubrication is vital to keep the metal parts from having excessive friction, which can cause them to overheat and break. During a routine oil change, your vehicle’s engine oil will be drained, refilled with new oil and the oil filter will be replaced.

Fuel filters also must be changed periodically for diesel motor cars. The fuel filters job is to stop dirt, rust, and other particles from entering the fuel injectors and motor. Over time in diesel, the fuel filter can become very dirty and not be as effective. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation on when this item should be replaced. Most diesel fuel filters last 10k-15k miles.

Another essential maintenance item that should be done regularly is replacing your vehicle’s air filter. The air filter stops dirt from entering the engine’s intake. It is similar to how the fuel filter operates. If it becomes too dirty, it becomes damaged particles you don’t want in your car’s engine can happen, and this can be very detrimental to your vehicles health. Air filters can be inspected quite easy to check for the condition. If they are found to be in horrible shape, it’s a good idea to replace them. Air filter replacement is an inexpensive maintenance item that should be done when necessary.

Diesel engines have an exhaust fluid that will also need to be serviced periodically. This exhaust fluid will need to be refilled to keep the exhaust function of the diesel in good working order If it runs low you will experience significant quantities of black smoke coming from the tailpipe.

Coolant checks and flushes are also essential to the life of a diesel engine. Most vehicles have a maintenance schedule for coolant flushes, and they should be adhered to. A diesel coolant can become acidic over time, and this can break down hoses prematurely, to prevent this from happening a coolant flush is recommended. M45 automotive can perform these maintenance services on your diesel.

Diesel Repairs

There are a few frequent diesel repairs that a diesel owner might come across. Glow plugs, like spark plugs, can wear out over time. When they are faulty, it can make starting a diesel vehicle nearly impossible, especially in cold weather replacing lousy glow plugs can solve this problem. Many of the other systems of a diesel vehicle are similar to gasoline engines, like suspension and steering components. When parts start to wear out, make sounds, or decreases the drivability of your vehicle, it might be time to consider having repair work done.

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