Differences Between Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment

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One of the essential parts of your vehicle is its tires and steering. They are the cornerstone of your driving experience. If something is off, you are going to know it. But is there a difference between balancing and alignment? If so, are these services that necessary? It is probably best to break down what each one of these is to get a better understanding of what they do and examine how they are different. After you know what tire alignment vs. balance is you will be able to determine if you need these services or not.


Wheel Balancing

Often referred to as tire balancing. It should be performed anytime you get your tires rotated. It is because over time wheels will lose their balance. Uneven balance can be a result of rough roads and tire weight being distributed differently. It is most commonly noticed when your tire is wearing unevenly. A feeling of vibration while driving is also a good indicator that you need to have the wheel balanced. These services should be done every six months.


Wheel Alignment

This service has been known as getting a tire alignment, front end alignment and or just alignment. An adjustment is made when your car is showing signs that it’s steering is off. It could mean your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight or it pulls from left to right. A wheel alignment adjusts the angle of your car’s tires. It includes the caster, camber, and toe, which is how the wheel orientation is measured. It is suggested that you should have your vehicle’s alignment looked at every 10,000 miles, even if you aren’t experiencing problems.



When you are trying to decide whether wheel balancing vs. wheel alignment, there are some subtle things to check. If your car’s steering wheel isn’t crooked, but your tires are wearing unevenly this is a sign you need a wheel balancing. Balance tires vs. alignment have often been confused. It is because people usually group anything steering related together. It couldn’t be more inaccurate. Wheel balancing is directly related to the wheel itself being unbalanced, whereas a tire alignment can be your steering components that need adjustments. Each of these services has their essential role in the stability and driveability of your vehicle. Noticing any abnormalities with how your car is steering, or feeling any vibration is a great indicator you need to have one or both of these services performed.