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Driveline Service

Subaru vehicles are complex. Equipped with many unique features, they are not like every car on the road, and that’s why we love them. One feature that Subaru’s possess over other vehicles is their unique transmissions. The transmissions of the Subaru have the transfer case built in. Meaning if anything goes wrong here it is going to be a complicated fix. The driveline service includes everything that makes it move.

It includes the motor, transmission, transfer case, drives hafts, axles, differentials and the wheels. The driveline of your vehicle is perhaps the most important. If something isn’t working correctly, your car may not even be able to move, shift, or start.

Subaru’s feature an all-wheel-drive system on almost every model they manufacture. This symmetrical AWD system is far more complicated than any rear wheel or front wheel drive. Because our Subaru’s are equipped with full-time AWD, their setup is unique. There are mainly two drive shafts one to the front wheels and one to the rear wheels. They both stem from the transmission. M45 Automotive is trained to handle any issues that can arise with the All-Wheel Drive system and driveline parts.

So when your Outback is making a grinding noise when driving or isn’t shifting the way it should, the Driveline will need to be serviced. Thankfully, if something is wrong with your driveline, a dash light will be illuminated. These warning lights are the best indication of what is going wrong. A certified technician will be able to scan the code that is stored in your system’s ECU to determine what part has failed. When you bring in your Outback for issues with the driveline, our technicians will quickly get to work diagnosing the problem.

Not every part of the driveline is a significant fix because the driveline also consists of wheel hubs, axles, and driveshaft. These elements work together to create the best Subaru driving experience that we have come to love and enjoy. The ride quality is dependent on these driveline parts and service is recommended at regular intervals. If you haven’t had your driveline inspected, consider having M45 Automotive take a look and make sure everything is stable and not failing. Over time, any part of the driveline can wear out and need to be changed.

M45 Automotive can expertly repair or replace anything that goes wrong with the driveline including the little items. While you may be considering taking your car to an expensive dealer to have it looked at, M45 Automotive offers affordable repair services that meet or exceed what a dealership can do. We are excited about all things Subaru, and it is the only make we work on. If you are having problem with any part of your driveline, stop by and see us. We make it easy to get you back on the road and enjoying your Subaru without the headache of scheduling an appointment with the dealership. Give us a call or drop on by, we are here to help with any problem you are experiencing with your Subaru.

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