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M45 Automotive Dyno Service

In order to give a complete and comprehensive level of service to our customers, M45 Automotive now offers professional pro tuning services at their Subaru shop in Auburn, CA. The is your one-stop shop for Subaru Dyno service. We offer a hands-on, certified chassis dynamometer and full service automotive machine shop for all of your Subaru needs.

For your daily driver, street vehicle, or race prep, we can significantly improve performance at a price that makes sense.

Our #1 mission is to find find the maximum power for your vehicle, so give us a call and ask about our Dyno service today.

We're a Cobb authorized Dealer and Protuner.

We use the latest Accesstuner Pro software.

Pre-Tuning Maintenance Checklist

Even if we haven't worked with you before, you can schedule a pro tune with us. However, we encourage our customers to run a Pre Dyno inspection before tuning to ensure maximum performance.


Make sure all fluids are at the correct operating levels. It will primarily include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and if applicable, differential/transfer case fluid, clutch hydraulic fluid, etc. It is a good idea if you haven't changed your oil and oil filter for 3,000 miles or more, to do so before coming in. Please bleed the coolant system before arriving for your set appointment.


Be sure that your vehicle can run at the correct operating temperature. If your car is experiencing overheating issues, we won't be able to perform a tune on your vehicle.


Please arrive with enough fuel to complete the tune. As well as, make sure that you are using the correct fuel octane for the desired tune.


If you currently have a check engine light (CEL), service engine soon (SES), or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on, please do not schedule your vehicle for a tune. A vehicle must be free of these warning lights and be mechanically sound before we can perform a song.


Have you had your fuel injectors cleaned and checked for proper system balance? We recommend that if your car or fuel injectors are over five years old, then it must be for removal. Then it should be taken to an injector cleaning facility to be cleaned, and calibrated. It is necessary for a good tune to have proper fuel flow, and clean injectors can make a huge difference in performance.


Make sure that before the visit, you have an electrical grounding that is sufficient. We recommend that if your car is over five years old and has exposures to humid climates, you must clean your engine grounds and attachment points.


Are your battery and alternator functioning properly, and supplying power the way it should? If not, it is a good idea to replace these beforehand.


If you are running a stock fuel filter, it will usually work fine with tuning but will clog much faster due to higher fuel flow. If your vehicle is older and hasn't had the fuel filter replaced, it might be a good time to do so. With a higher fuel flow, filters can clog faster, and this can result in damage to both the fuel pump and engine.


Make sure your vehicle's braking system is operating properly and can stop your car's increased performance. It is also advised that your tires are not significantly worn and have sufficient tread.


Before your appointment, make sure that your vehicle has good wheel alignment and balancing. It is crucial because we perform the tuning on a chassis Dyno and your car must be able to drive straight.


Recommendations include that your spark plugs should not be over 5,000 miles or more on copper plugs and 15,000 on platinum or iridium plugs. If you need to change these out, remember to gap correctly, and to use a small amount of anti-seize. It is also strongly recommended that you bring an extra set of plugs to your tuning appointment, as it is possible to foul plugs to the point they will need to be changed out.

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