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Undeniably the essential part of any vehicle is the engine. The engine is what makes power; enables turns the transmission, it is the heart of a car. Subarus are a little different when it comes to their motors. They come equipped with what’s known as a Boxer engine. They are known to last longer than several other companies’ engines. There are engine services that need to be performed to keep your Subaru Outback’s boxer engine in perfect working order. M45 Automotive are experts when it comes to Subaru’s and their motors.

There are many actions that take place when you have an engine service done. Services performed will enhance the performance of the motor, keep it healthy, and prevent catastrophic failure. If problems persist with an engine, it can lead to it not working anymore. When this happens, the cost for a rebuild or replacement can be one of the costliest jobs. So, what goes into an engine service from M45 Automotive? It will significantly depend on the vehicle and what problems are going on. If a check engine light is illuminated, a technician typically starts by diagnosing what the problem is. It will do a quick check but will give lots of information about the issue.

Some of the engine services that can be performed include:

  • Cylinder head replacement
  • Cylinder head gasket replacement
  • Tune up (replacement of spark plugs and wires)
  • Water pump replacement
  • Timing components replaced such as timing belt and tensioner

Many signs can indicate what is going on with Subaru engine and how to repair the problem. M45 Automotive is Auburn’s go to automotive shop for diagnosing and repairing engine troubles.

When an engine isn’t working the way it should, it can significantly decrease performance. Because the boxer engine operates with high efficiency, any part that is not at an optimal level can affect how it works. One of the most common problems with engine performance and can also show a check engine light is a misfire. Whether it is a random misfire or multiple misfires having a tune-up can eliminate this problem. If your Subaru Forester is exhibiting signs of a misfire, you might have noticed a decrease in performance, lag, or even a sputter when you hit the gas. A technician can quickly address this issue and alert you to a plan that can solve a misfire.

The cylinder head gasket is a common problem on many engines. There are some signs that this is failing and needs to be replaced. The most common issue is overheating, and the presence of white smoke is coming from the exhaust. A head gasket replacement is a larger hob and needs to be done by a professional such as M45 Automotive.

Other engine failures can happen such as timing components and the water pump. Timing components in a Boxer engine are one of the most critical services to have done. Manufacturer recommendations say that every 90,000 miles these parts should be replaced. Any primary function you have done to your Subaru’s motor should include the timing components. If these are to fail, it will spell catastrophic failure. So, if your Subaru Outback is having issues and not performing the way it once was, bring it by M45 Automotive for an engine service that will breathe new life into your vehicle and get it acting like new again.

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