Everything You Need to Know about Timing Belts

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If you are not an expert on cars, it can be a problem to know when an issue appears. You may also be unaware of the importance of particular parts, such as the timing belt. This is not something you focus on, but it actually plays a vital role in the functioning of your Subaru.


How Does a Timing Belt Look Like?

The belt is made of rubber and it has teeth, which doesn’t make it stand out when it comes to appearance. However, its purpose is extremely important. It enables synchronized rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft, the two components in control of the valves and pistons.

This is critical for your car because:
• It secures properly-timed engine air intake – if this doesn’t work, it affects fuel combustion and prevents adequate energy production
• It keeps valves and pistons in sync – if the belt doesn’t function properly, pistons and valves can collide, which can lead to a costly repair


How to Know When It’s Time for a Replacement?

The problem is that the timing belt might break even without previous warning indicators. In most cases, you notice that there is something wrong with suspension or brakes, but this component can betray you for no apparent reason. The general rule of thumb, however, is that timing belts can endure a specific amount of miles. Depending on the model, this can be up to approximately 50,000 miles, which means that one belt can last for several years.

If you just bought a car and you do not know when the part was last replaced, try to find a sticker in the engine. The mechanics often put it there so that the car owners can be reminded about the previous replacement date. Another thing to consider when purchasing a used car is that a safety inspection doesn’t include the timing belt, which is why you should ask your mechanic to check it when making a pre-purchase inspection.


How Can a Timing Belt Be Replaced?

First of all, you can’t replace it yourself. Instead, you need to find a timing belt service in your area. If you drive a Subaru and live in Auburn, CA, you won’t find better experts than M45 Automotive. While top quality mechanics offer honest pricing, the cost of the replacement might not be cheap. Purchasing the component itself is the affordable part, but it is the accessibility that causes trouble.

In order to gain access to the belt, the mechanic will need to waste a couple of hours of labor on dismantling and reassembling the vehicle’s engine bay. It is also vital to correctly tune the engine so that everything will work properly.

Most mechanics will advise you to replace the entire belt kit in the process. This can be a smart move because you will have everything replaced in one take. Imagine if the mechanic puts a new belt only to see tensioners or pulleys give up after a couple of days. You would then have to ask him to dismantle everything again just to perform a minor replacement, which can cost you a lot more money.


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