What to Expect From a Dyno Service

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Caring and maintaining your vehicle is one thing. Making modifications to enhance performance is an entirely different game. When a person takes pride in their car by purchasing upgraded equipment or upgrades, they may want to know how exactly those changes have positively affected it’s horsepower and torque numbers.

There are many changes one could make to their Subarus. The aftermarket support for the brand is high. Some of the features that can be modified include:

  • Bigger Fuel Injector
  • Larger Exhaust Tubin
  • Deleting Exhaust Features (such as catalytic converters)
  • Aftermarket Intak
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Bigger Turbo

Placerville Subaru services at M45 Automotive can install parts and dyno your vehicle after. Dyno services will not only show you how your Subaru has improved but can also modify how your vehicle perceives the upgrades. The process known as tuning can be done at the same time as testing for the horsepower and torque numbers.

Tuning changes your vehicle’s ECU to adapt to the new changes made. Specific figures such as fuel economy and throttle response can also be modified. With any more modern car, ones with fuel injection, tuning can bring your car to life.

Before you go in for your dyno service, there are a few things you should be aware of and perform. If you have any questions beforehand ask your Placerville Subaru mechanic. One issue you might run into if you did modifications to your vehicle yourself is having a check engine light on. This will need to be off in order to have a tune performed. If a CEL or MIL light is illuminated, you should bring it to a Subaru repair shop Placerville like M45 Automotive to read the codes and fix what is needed.

It’s essential that on the day of your Dyno service that all your fluids are at the correct levels. These means don’t’ show up with close to an empty tank of gas, and low oil. It’s not good for the car normally, and it isn’t the best for a car that will be under load when tested. Regular oil changes are mandatory for all vehicles. If it’s been a while since your last oil change, you may want to consider having one done before the service. Bring an extra set of spark plugs will be handy. Often when doing dyno pulls it isn’t uncommon to foul out a plug or two.

Your technician will handle all the hard work with computing numbers and be making the appropriate modifications to give you the best performance out of your aftermarket parts. If you are going to spend the money on upgrades to your vehicle, then consider having a dyno service done. One of the best parts of knowing the exact numbers your car is putting to the ground is bragging rights. Sure someone can say their Subaru makes 500 wheel horsepower. But if you have the dyno service done, you’ll be able to back up your claims with proof! Thus putting an end to wondering how well your car performs and how much improvement you’ve done with the upgrades you’ve made.


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