How Often Do You Need A Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

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Do you really need fuel injection cleaning service for your automobile and how often?

You might be wondering what exactly the role of the fuel injector is. The fuel injector just like its name denotes is used for injecting fuel into the cylinder or the combustion chamber of the automobile. It is used so that the fuel will atomize and burn easily as it is being sprayed at high pressure. With its use also, fuel injected covers the whole area available for combustion, thus, making for proper flame dissemination.

Do you know that often fuel injectors get clogged?

It is easy for them to get clogged because their openings are barely half the size of a pinhole. With constant use, the fuel injectors become clogged as a result of sediments, hydrocarbons and other elements in the fuel. For this reason, you have to get your fuel injector cleaned up.

What happens when you don’t clean up your fuel injector?

Because of their tiny opening, fuel injectors get easily blocked when you don’t clean them and the following are some of the problems you might encounter with your automobile as a result of this:

Engine Problems

Difficulty in starting the vehicle engine is one of the most common problems you will encounter with clogged fuel injectors. In some cases, the engine may not start at all. This is because, the fuel injector which controls the amount of fuel that reaches the combustion chamber has been blocked thereby delivering only a little amount of fuel or none at all, in which case the vehicle engine does not start at all.

If your car makes a sputtering noise when trying to ignite the engine or misfires, then it might be a case of clogged fuel injector.

Difficulty In Idling Or Accelerating

Since the fuel injector controls the amount of fuel injected into the combustion area over time, your vehicle may find it difficult accelerating. You will notice differences in its ability to accelerate or decelerate. This gives a feeling of a jerk- like up and down motion in the car. You may also experience misfiring when you press down the gas pedal.

Also, clogged fuel injectors give the car engine a rough sound while idling.

Ineffective Fuel Management

You might not notice it easily, but a clogged fuel injector could lead to fuel wastage. Fuel could be lost when it leaks in the engine or it could be a case of the fuel injector unnecessarily injecting too much fuel into the combustion chamber. One way you can notice this is by being observant and paying attention to your gas gauge while you drive.

These are some issues that can be avoided if you have your fuel injector cleaned up once in a way.

Why it is important you clean up your fuel injector?

  • For optimization of the performance of your automobile
  • It will help reduce the expenses you would make on fuel bills
  • It is a maintenance procedure hence; it keeps the fuel injector from clogging and wearing out fast
  • To avoid increased carbon (II) oxide emissions as a result of reduced engine power, poor acceleration and rough

How often should you get your fuel injector cleaned?

It is recommended you adopt a fuel injector cleaning service after every 40,000 kilometers (25,000 miles). The greater the number of kilometers or miles your vehicle covers, the higher its susceptibility to clogged fuel injector. If you cannot keep a tab on the distance covered, then you can use time duration. It would be nice if you could get yours cleaned up at least every 36 months.

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