Importance of Coolant and Cooling System of Your Subaru

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The Subaru cooling system helps regulate the engine’s temperature. When the engine temp rises the cooling system will be alerted, fans will kick on, and coolant will be rushed straight through the engine block. At all times, your Subaru’s boxer engine will have coolant in the block, water pump, radiator and hoses to ensure no overheating happens. Coolant or antifreeze is the fluid that is used in the cooling system of your vehicle, and it is present in every gasoline or diesel vehicle. Let us take a glance at what you should know about your Subaru cooling system.


What Type of Antifreeze/Coolant is Used?

Every car has its specific type of coolant that should be used. It is unwise only to use water in the system, but can be used in a pinch if your vehicle is getting hot and you have no other means to refill the system. Likewise, you can not mix coolants in the system, because damage can occur to essential parts like the radiator. Subaru recommends a specific formula for their models. From 2009 and up, the use of Subaru Long Life Coolant is recommended. It blue comes ready to use (pre-mixed), and has particular chemicals that stop rust or corrosion throughout the cooling system. For vehicles older than 2009, the recommended coolant is Subaru Genuine Engine Coolant. It is green, ready to use, and works all year round. It is essential to use the right Subaru coolant for best performance, and overall safety of your engine.


Is Routine Maintenance Required?

The cooling system, just like other features on your car will need to have routine maintenance. Cooling system maintenance/ cooling system repairs can be done when required according to scheduled maintenance, or if something breaks. Sometimes when the timing components are needing to be changed, replacing the water pump at the same time can be more affordable too. Having both services done simultaneously will give you the peace of mind that one less part will fail soon.

Cooling system services on Subaru models can include replacing worn out radiator hoses and engine coolant flushes. Flushing service will remove old coolant, clean out the system, and replace with fresh, clean coolant which can better help the cooling system to do its job. Some people argue that coolant flushes aren’t necessary, but there is some information to back up the validity and importance of the service. While coolant flushes can be put off, they should be done at least every few years.

Keeping your vehicle at optimal operating temperatures can help ensure the longevity of your motor. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If it starts to rise past the middle mark, your car could experience a cooling problem. A technician at M45 Automotive can help you to diagnose and fix the problem. Even if you aren’t having problems, or aren’t aware of any, it’s always okay to have the system inspected for any potential failures that could cause overheating. An overheated engine can lead to catastrophic failures. Don’t delay repairs for the cooling system because it can put your car out of commission.


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