Important Facts about Lake Clementine

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Placer County is a beautiful place to live in, as well as an attractive region for all tourists looking for breathtaking locations and scenery. One of those locations is Lake Clementine (Auburn, CA), which also goes by the name of North Fork Lake. If you are planning on visiting, here are some things to know about the site.


Where Is It Situated?

You will find Lake Clementine in the North Fork American River Canyon in Northern California. It was formed in 1939 by the Army Corps of Engineers who completed a 155-foot tall North Fork Dam. The purpose of the dam was to contain debris from gold mining from washing downriver. Today, this is a beautiful sight just above the city of Auburn and one of the often visited locations in the area for camping, hiking, and other activities.

The canyon walls are steep and there are limestone deposits of top quality, particularly a huge vertical outcropping named Robbers Roost. As for the reservoir lake itself, it has a 718-foot crest elevation and holds 14,700 acre-feet of water. You can also enjoy a beautiful waterfall, which looks particularly impressive in the spring and winter when snowmelt and rain lead to elevated river flows.


Things to Do in Lake Clementine

Due to the attractive landscape, the lake is ideal for both camping and hiking, while it is also used for mountain biking and running. Users often endeavor into water skiing, rowing, fishing, and kayaking, while other adventurers prefer caving or climbing.

One of the particularly interesting things might be boat-in camping at one of the 15 available campsites for this purpose. Keep in mind that you need to reserve in advance through the California Reservation System. The limit per campsite is set to eight people and the camping fee is $38 per night. Although no dogs are allowed, you have picnic tables and fire rings, as well as chemical toilets at your disposal.

The trail course from various activities starts in the dam area. From there, you should go downstream to the amazing Foresthill Bridge. The mountain biking trail stretches and connects to the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada close to Lake Tahoe.


How to Get to the North Fork Lake?

You will find North Fork Lake in the greater Auburn area. In fact, it is located just about two miles from the city off the Auburn-Foresthill road. You should take I-80 and then make sure to exit at Foresthill. Follow the road for approximately 2.5 miles until you come across the sign for the Lake Clementine Road. It should be a left turn for that road and you should continue driving for approximately two miles until you arrive at the entrance. Keep in mind the speed limit because the road is extremely narrow and there might be vehicles with trailers and boats on them. If anything happens to your vehicle, you can contact M45 Automotive, the biggest experts for Subaru vehicles in Auburn to fix the issue in the shortest possible timeframe. See more of Auburn, What You Need to Know about Bernhard Museum Complex.


See directions here:

Lake Clementine
California 95603, USA

Head southeast on Lake Clementine Rd toward Fuel Break Trail
1.0 mi

Turn right onto Foresthill Rd
3.2 mi

Turn left onto Lincoln Way
1.6 mi

Continue straight onto Borland Ave (!Destination will be on the left)
0.2 mi

M45 Automotive
155 Borland Ave, Auburn, CA 95603, USA