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Inspection Services

You love your Subaru. They are fantastic vehicles equipped with power and performance that makes their drivability second to none. Since the first day you got your Subaru, you have probably wanted to do whatever you can to make it last a long time. However, just like every car on the road, over time problems can develop. Whether it is over the course of time or the number of miles put on, parts will need to be replaced, and certain maintenance will need to be done. It is why scheduled support is so necessary. But what about between the time your scheduled maintenance?

Have you ever had a noise or driving issue, but you take it to the shop and all of a sudden stop doing whatever it was that brought you in? At M45 we take your concerns to heart, and will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s systems. The key to identifying any problem is to have an inspection done. It can save you from more significant issues later. The reason being is most of the parts that need to be replaced or repaired are connected to something else. If you drive too long on something that needs to be improved it will have a chain reaction.

General Inspections

General inspections can identify many problem areas of a vehicle. An examination through M45 Automotive will include most of the major systems. It can consist of the steering components, suspension parts, motor and transmission, fuel system, cooling system, and HVAC. A technician will go over your Subaru from top to bottom and will start with examining the tires. Tires play a huge role in drivability. If they are worn, or not at the correct tire pressure, it can be a safety issue. Tire wear can also help to identify if suspension or steering parts are needing to be replaced.

For most of the inspections offered by M45 Automotive, a road test will be performed. There is much learning that can be gained by how it performs in the road, and the noticeable sounds it makes. If you have noticed that your Subaru is driving differently, let us take a look, and get to the bottom of the problem.

Check Engine Light Inspection

The dreaded check engine light. No one likes to see this little light of doom, but its purpose is to alert, not scare. A general inspection should be performed at least annually or between scheduled routine maintenance. In the case of a check engine light inspection, it should be done as soon as the light comes on. In this type of control, the first thing that will happen is a technician will hook a device to your vehicle’s ECU to scan for stored codes. It is the only way to find out why the check engine light is being displayed. Before you start to worry that your Subaru Outback is on its last leg or start thinking of the worst-case scenario, you can stop by M45 Automotive to have a check engine light inspection done.

M45 Automotive is here for all Subaru needs whether it be routine maintenance or an inspection done we can help. Servicing your Subaru will not only help increase its performance but also ensures it keeps running smoothly for years to come.

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