How much Horsepower and Torque are your Vehicles Putting to the Wheels?

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It is only natural that after you have made upgrades to your vehicle with the addition of aftermarket parts you might be curious how that has affected its performance. If you ask anyone in the car world, they will tell you that the most accurate way to know what torque and horsepower your car is putting to the ground is by running your vehicle on the Dyno machine. While you want to have your car ran on the dyno before you begin upgrades to get your original number, thereby being able to see how much of a gain you have gotten, it isn’t always necessary to do so. Car enthusiast loves being able to converse about what their cars can do, and even more so discuss the great gains they have achieved by tweaking their rides. To understand the numbers, you might want to know what is a Dyno machine, and what are the advantages to using a dyno service at your auto shop.

What is a Dynamometer?

The dynamometer or Dyno is a fantastic machine that automotive shops and California machine shops will regularly use to check the horsepower and torque output of your car’s motor. While there are two ways a dyno test can be performed, the concept for both is the same. In the first instance, a dyno test on a motor is an important feature that will be able to tell you how it is performing before you install it in your car. It will verify the output without resistance and then test with some form of resistance such as brake or water pressure The second is when your vehicle gets on the dyno machine, and it measures the power put to the wheels. The engine produces power, and torque can calculate it and rotational speed(or RPM’s) While it is important to know what your motor is capable of making, ultimately what it puts to the ground is the sufficient numbers. These can be understood by a simple run on the dyno.

Why Should you Consider Dyno Testing Services?

Deciding to use Dyno testing services is a choice many car enthusiasts use to confirm how well their engines are performing. While it is safe to say it isn’t always about the numbers, the numbers are a good indicator of what potential a vehicle might have when on the road. If you were to spend a good chunk of money on upgrades such as exhaust, new fuel injectors, or a new intake system. You might want to know if the money and time were worth the upgrade. In many cases using a dyno, services involve tuning your vehicle for max performance. This particular service will allow you to alter how your car is running to maximize engine performance. You can, after all, make aftermarket changes to your vehicle and not see near the potential gains as you would with the addition of a dyno tuning session. These courses allow for a computer to essential talk to your car and make changes on how it runs. In turn, will drastically change what it’s output could be. If you are looking for increased gains in both horsepower and torque, utilizing your automotive dynamometer and tuning services would be a great addition.


The dyno is a valuable tool to decipher what your car’s actual abilities are regarding power and performance. If you are thinking to upgrade your stock vehicle and want some serious gains, then having your automotive shop and machine shop test your car or engine is a great starting point and an even better test as you start the process of upgrading.

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