How Much Do You Know About Cars?

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Whether you are vetted car enthusiasts, hobbyist, or just a motorist, there might be some surprising things you don’t know about cars. There are plenty of things that one can say on the topic of cars, but here are a few fascinating facts you may or may not know.


Did you know the Subaru has always used a Boxer Engine?

Unlike most other car engines, rotary excluded, Subaru has used their style of the motor over the last 45 years known as the Boxer Engine. This particular engine uses horizontal thrusting pistons. What makes this different? It allows the output of the motor to move directly into the transmission. The perks of the Boxer engine give better control and responsiveness.


Did you know there is a distinction between AWD and 4WD?

For a long time, many people assumed that AWD and four-wheel drive were the same things. They aren’t. While both are great to have for handling the road, there are some slight differences. An All-wheel drive, AWD, vehicles distribute power and torque to all four wheels the whole time. When you have a four-wheel drive, you will often have the ability to go into two-wheel drive. If a car is an all wheel drive you won’t be able to lock the front and rear differential. So while they are similar in that when 4wd is active, it sends power to all four wheels, they are uniquely different. Simply, AWD has a front, rear, and center differential, whereas a Four-Wheel Drive uses a transfer case and two differentials.


Did you know torque is just as critical as horsepower?

While you will always hear that such a car makes xxx horsepower, this isn’t the only unit of measurement that is important. Torque is a critical measurement to calculate the measure of power. Without knowing the torque, you can’t identify the horsepower. They go hand in and are equally important. Obviously, the more of both you have, the faster your car will perform.


Did you know the 3,000 miles between oil changes is no longer a thing?

If you are over 30, you have probably been trained that your oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles otherwise you are harming your vehicle. While higher mileage vehicles might have some benefit from changing oil at this level, newer cars less than five years old don’t need it that often. While oil changes are the best thing you can do to keep the life of your motor on track to run a long time, it doesn’t need to be done every 3,000 miles. When heavyweight oil was used this was a good length of time to wait between oil changes, but if you follow the same pattern on newer cars you are only wasting money.


Did you know that the WRX is the most ticketed car in the US?

As a fun fact you might not know, the Subaru WRX is the most ticketed car. Coming in at {} of the tickets issued as reported by It edges out the GTO, who came in second with {}. It is a testament to the speed, and a good time the WRX gives to their owners.

Were these things that you already knew, or where some of them a surprise? It is always fun learning new pieces of trivia about cars; some might be useful down the road, you just never know.