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Muffler Exhaust Service

Is your Subaru Forrester smoking?

What about your gas mileage; has that gone down?

It may be time for exhaust service.

What is the exhaust system and what does it do?

Do you know what components are in your exhaust system?

How about what the exhaust system does?

What Your Exhaust System Does

Your exhausts system performs a significant role in your vehicle; it takes the harmful gas away from you, your family, and the environment.

It also reduces the noise the vehicle makes when it is running. The harmful carbon monoxide is why you should have your exhaust system serviced on a regular basis.

Carbon monoxide is the colorless, odorless gas that can kill; it is the last thing you want leaking in your car.

Exhaust System Components

The components of your exhaust system are:

  • Exhaust manifold – the exhaust manifold is connected to the vehicles motor and collect gases which it delivers to the catalytic converter
  • Catalytic converter – the gases that arrive here then go through a chemical reaction making them less harmful
  • Oxygen Sensor – all modern cars use fuel injection systems which use the oxygen sensor to measure the mix of oxygen and fuel it then can increase or decrease the fuel amount to maintain the proper mixture of fuel and oxygen for optimum fuel economy. It is located on the exhaust manifold or in the exhaust pipe close to the exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust pipe – it carries the fuel through its journey of all the parts and out the tailpipe
  • Muffler – quiets the noise of the engine as well as reduces pollution released into the environment and cabin of your vehicle

These components work together to form your exhaust system which keeps harmful gas away from you and your family inside the car while reducing the amount of toxic gas into the atmosphere to protect the environment.

How is the Muffler Exhaust Service Done?

Bring your Subaru Forrester by M45 Automotive for the muffler exhaust service your Subaru needs.

During the service of your muffler exhaust system, each component will be checked for leaks, corrosion, or evidence of the component reaching its life expectancy; such as with your oxygen sensor or catalytic convertor.

After our check, we will explain our findings and give you a report on what if anything needs to be fixed or changed.

The final decision on repairs or changing of parts is up to you.

Common Muffler Exhaust Problems

Here are some common muffler exhaust problems that you may notice:

  • A decrease in fuel economy – this can happen when your oxygen sensor goes wrong or if your catalytic convertor is becoming plugged; if your catalytic convertor is plugged, it must be replaced there is no fixing it
  • Noise such as rumbling or growling – this can be due to a hole in the muffler or a hanger for the muffler being loose allowing the muffler to move up and down or back and forth
  • The smell of burning fuel – again this could be due to the oxygen sensor or the catalytic convertor
  • One thing to remember carbon monoxide has no smell and is not visible however it is hazardous. Young children, older adults, and people who have issues with their lungs face even more dangers from carbon monoxide than healthy adults.

If you notice that your young children seem to pass out in the vehicle and do not respond when you call their name; it is time to pull over and get the child out in the fresh air. It should help them respond to their name being called within a couple of minutes; if it does not, take your child to the urgent care to rule out carbon monoxide poisoning.

Then immediately bring your Subaru to M45 Automotive for a muffler exhaust service to keep everyone who rides in your vehicle safe.

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