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Oil Change Service

When we talk about taking care of your Subaru, the number one routine maintenance you should always have done is the oil change. Oil changes are significant because of what role oil plays in your motor. Ever since you were old enough to drive, you have probably heard the one thing you should always have done is an oil change every 3,000 miles. For a long time, this was the standard procedure every 3,000 miles. But Why? Of all the components on the vehicle, the motor is the most expensive fixes if anything were to go wrong with it. Oil changes are vital to keeping the intricate parts inside lubricated. Without lubrication, friction and overheating will occur and ultimately result in catastrophic failure.

Thankfully, newer models of vehicles, including Subaru’s don’t need to have the oil changed entirely that frequently. Subaru’s recommendation is over twice the traditional mileage standard. In many of the models, it is recommended that your oil is changed every 7,500 miles or 7 and half months. These measures are set for a good reason, and should not be put off. One change that has come about in the last decade is the use of synthetic oil over conventional. It has dramatically helped to put distance between oil changes. Synthetic oil is high because it has additives that help the engine run more efficiently and doesn’t break down as quickly as conventional. Since synthetic oil outperforms traditional oil on many levels, there is no need to change it as frequently.

In addition to keeping the moving parts of your motor lubricated, there are some added benefits to having your oil changed at the scheduled time. Did you know that having regular oil changes can improve fuel economy? That’s right, when your engine is working with fresh oil, the ease of lubrication makes it use less fuel. It means having an oil change done on your Impreza will reduce fuel cost. Skipping your regular oil changes can reduce your vehicle’s performance as well.

So if your Subaru is a little sluggish and not performing the way it normally does, as fresh oil change might regain some power. The number one benefit of having oil changes is to extend the life of your vehicle. Fresh oil will reduce friction in your engine, and remove dirt and particles. A cleaner engine will outlast a neglected, dirty engine. When you compare the cost of replacing your Boxer engine over that of an oil change, you will be happy you took your car in for this routine service.

Whether you’re driving a Forester, WRX, STI, Impreza, Legacy, BRZ, Crosstrek, or Outback or any other Subaru M45 Automotive has you covered for oil change services. We only service Subaru. We know them inside and out. Subaru’s are what we are passionate about today. With over 16 years of experience, M45 Automotive’s ASE-certified master technician leads a team of skilled technicians to solve any problem, large or small. You can trust your vehicle is in good hands with M45 Automotive. So when your Outback reaches that 7,500-mile mark, you can feel good knowing you have an automotive shop that can quickly get you in, your oil changed, and back on the road enjoying your Subaru.

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