Owning a Used Subaru VS Brand New Model

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Being in the market for a new or new to your car is an exciting time. Car shopping has been known to be fun, but it can also be somewhat stressful. The worry that you are selecting the wrong vehicle always tends to be an issue for most. Afterall, you are choosing a car that is supposed to last until a certain amount of time. With there being a delicate balance between reliability and fun, it can be challenging to make a choice between new and used Subarus.

For most people, the idea of owning a brand new car seems to be the way to go. There is virtually nothing on the vehicle that will need repairs in the short term, and more modern vehicles come with all the goodies you could ever want. Navigation, better interior, the stylish exterior can all be found on newer models such as the WRX and Forester. However, does this mean one should just choose the route of new versus old? While it is a matter of preference, there are some glaring differences, both positive and negative for both options.



If the price tag on a newer model is enough to frighten you or worry about how you are going to make the payments every month, a used Subaru might be the best selection. Used cars are a fraction of the cost, and if you have the money upfront, you may be able to own it free and clear without a loan. Getting a new car is the second highest credit you will use, next to a house. With some Subaru models reaching into the 30k plus range it can be an expensive monthly payment. Aside from the cost of purchasing, insurance rates will vary. For a car you are leasing or making payments on you will pay the higher premium for full coverage insurance. If you have the money every month to do so, then a new car will make for a great addition.



The problem with owning a used or older car is you will have more maintenance and possibly have to have repairs done soon after purchasing. A Subaru mechanic Roseville can look over a car you are thinking of purchasing. This may help you to determine if it is a worthwhile purchase, and isn’t going to have catastrophic failure just a few months into ownership.

As vehicles age and the mileage goes up, repairs will become necessary. It is recommended that if something goes wrong, or your Subaru displays a check engine light that you have it evaluated quickly to prevent worse damage. Subaru repair shop Roseville will be read stored codes in your ECU that are lighting up the check engine light with a diagnostic service.


Routine Maintenance

This is the area where it doesn’t matter which option you select; maintenance will be the same. Scheduled maintenance is what will keep your Subaru healthy. A Roseville Subaru service shop, such as M45 Automotive will be able to provide you will receive excellent service including oil changes, air filter changes, tune-ups and more to keep your Subaru on the road for a long time. New and used vehicles will both need to have regular maintenance performed according to their manufacturer specifications.


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