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Have you been searching for San Diego machine shop services, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? At M45 Automotive, we are pleased to offer the machine shop services and repairs our customers need at a price they can afford. There are quite a lot of things which determine the price of our services. As professional Subaru service providers, we are here to guarantee that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards. At M45 Automotive, we value our customers and provide the greatest value without sacrificing quality and reliability. You won’t find a better shop in San Diego for your Subaru, we treat your vehicle, just as we would our own--and many if not most of our technicians are proud Subaru owners.

Here's a shortlist of the services we currently offer along with their prices.

Subaru Machine Shop Price List

Bore & Deck w/ Torque Plate - 4 Cyl


Cylinder Head Surface - Both Heads


Valve Job Standard


Valve Job + 1


*SS Valves Intake and Exhaust


Replace Valve Guides Standard


*GSC Guides Intake and Exhaust


Valve Lash Adjustment - Bucket Style (Heads off Engine


*if buckets are needed (each) x16


Fly Wheel Surface


Basic Clean, Inspect of Case and Heads


Service done at M45 Automotive with over 20 years experience

Subaru – The Specifications

Subaru’s get their well-known performance from the powerhouse Boxer engine that spins the wheels. A lot of machine shops actually tend to shy away from handling Subaru Engines. The boxer engine is much more complicated than traditional motors in the straight orientation or V-shaped variety. What makes it more complicated to work on these type of engines is the availability of parts and the difficulty in locating OEM replacements. The rebuilds are also particularly tricky and take many more hours to complete versus domestic brands that are found in numerous vehicles. Rebuilding a Subarus’ boxer engine can take many hours to complete, in addition to removing the engine from the car and putting it back into the car. However, our specialization has managed to ensure that emerge conveniently on top because there is a considerable demand for OE replacement drop-in units. This is mainly due to the fact that Subaru is a popular vehicle in this part of the country. We are pleased to offer numerous San Diego automotive services near me that can help keep your Subaru on the road and running for many miles to come.

We have a good reputation, and that’s because we deliver high quality. This is also something which helps us draw new business – people trust us. We simply get results because we are well aware of the specifications of the Subaru engine and vehicle as a whole.We are fully aware of the ins and outs of the models, and that’s why we get results.


Not every machine shop offers insurance on the work they carried out. This is because they don’t want to bear the responsibilities of potential malfunctions and issues with the parts that they’ve replaced or repaired because parts can be expensive. Top-notch garages are always going to offer insurance which means they expose themselves to potential losses. We are glad to say, we are one of those shops. Our customers and their vehicles will always come first and while we can’t always guarentee that something won’t happen, we do offer the added protection that if it does, parts can be replaced--at no cost to our customers.

Having an added layer of protection against any mishaps that could happen with your Subaru services is an excellent reason to choose M45 Automotive. We are all humans, and something can happen, though we do our very best to ensure no problems arise, we want our customers to know they are protected in the event something were to happen. The engine is the most expensive component to replace; we understand that. Whether you have a cylinder head that is warped, or the engine block is cracked, we do our best to resolve the issue. We handle all of our machine shop services in-house, which means you won’t have to take your Subaru anywhere else for servicing, we have you covered.

Our incredible pricing and high-quality work make us the best choice in Subaru repair for the San Diego area. No matter if you need engine work that involves our machine shop services like boreing or a wheel bearing needs replaced, let our technicians with over 20 years of experience help.

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