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Finding a reliable mechanic shop is one of the most challenging things that you might have to do. It is especially true if you are driving a Subaru. Sure, you might go to a regular mechanic, and you've most probably done so, but the truth is that will most likely get a sour taste. The reason – improper work.

Here's a shortlist of the services we currently offer along with their prices.

Subaru Machine Shop Price List

Bore & Deck w/ Torque Plate - 4 Cyl


Cylinder Head Surface - Both Heads


Valve Job Standard


Valve Job + 1


*SS Valves Intake and Exhaust


Replace Valve Guides Standard


*GSC Guides Intake and Exhaust


Valve Lash Adjustment - Bucket Style (Heads off Engine


*if buckets are needed (each) x16


Fly Wheel Surface


Basic Clean, Inspect of Case and Heads


Service done at M45 Automotive with over 20 years experience

Subaru specialists

If you are near San Jose and you are in need of particular Subaru services, M45 Automotive is the place to be. We are amongst the rare specialists who received a certification to handle Subaru vehicles. That's right – we have the necessary certification to back up our words. Of course, you can also consider to take a look at the splendid reviews that our clients have left us as we proudly maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

It's undoubted that you will find what you are looking for as we are also going to work around your schedule. That's right – you don't have to worry about timing – we are available at least five days a week, and we own a shuttle service in the event you have to be present somewhere else.

Some of the services that you can benefit from include:

  • Oil changes
  • Maintenance checks
  • Replacement of malfunctioning parts
  • Check engine light diagnostic

State of the art technology

What is more, we also have a beautiful state of the art technology which allows us to examine your vehicle thoroughly and to identify the issues that you are having. This way we can focus on fixing them properly, and we will know that everything is working as intended.

Through focusing on Subaru only, we are capable of providing dealership-like qualities at prices which you can't compare to others. If you are looking for high-end and efficient services, you have reached the right place, and we are here to help you out!

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