Complete Brake Services Ensure Your Safety

When was the last time you had your brakes checked? If you can’t remember, it is time for a brake tune-up or repair service! Brakes are an essential part of your car, and you should take the time needed to make sure every part is functioning correctly. We specialize in servicing Subarus and can replace your brakes or brake pads any time you need.

A Team Led by the Best

Our team of technicians is led by an ASE-certified Master Technician with more than 16 years of experience. During this time in the industry, we have been able to solve many car problems large and small, complex and simple. We are confident that our skills, knowledge base, and sophisticated technology will meet your service needs.

Nothing can replace a pair of trained and naturally skilled hands, and this is why all of our repairs are made by experienced, trained, and skilled technicians.

We Even Service Hybrid Vehicles

Some technicians may know the inner and outer workings of only a standard vehicle model, but this is not the case at M45 Automotive. Our technicians are also knowledgeable about and offer services for hybrids. We know the intricacies that set these special hybrids apart. In some respects, you cannot treat a hybrid vehicle the same way you treat a standard-fueled vehicle. We will take care of any car that you bring to our shop and do everything we can to find the proper solution.

Call Today for a Quote

If you need a second opinion or are wondering how much a service will cost at our shop, please call us for a quote. We are always willing to take a look at your car and give you an honest professional opinion. We never pressure you to complete a service at our shop. Instead, we simply give you our diagnosis, a quote, and recommendation. The choice is yours where and when to have your car serviced. Call us now to get a quote and see how we can help you!

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