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Shocks Suspension Service

The shocks on your Subaru control the ride quality and keep it from continually bouncing. So when you hit a bump in the road, the shocks work with the springs to keep it firmly planted on the road without disruption to you, the driver. Shocks just like every other part of a vehicle have a lifespan. Most shocks and struts can last up to 5 years or 60,000 miles. It isn’t an exact estimate; they can last longer or shorter depending on how you drive. Consider your driving routine. Does your drive consist of back roads with gravel and lots of bumps in the road? Or is it a straight highway drive with virtually no obstacles? The first instance where there are many bumps and a gravel road will wear out the shocks and suspension parts because of the excessive dampening they perform. Subaru’s that stick more to highway driving or to smooth roads aren’t abusing the suspension parts, and therefore they don’t wear out as fast.

To get your ride quality back to normal it might be time to replace your shocks or struts. M45 Automotive can solve any problem your Subaru might be having with its suspension parts.

Do You Suspect Your Shocks Are Wearing Out?

Aside from a bounce test, yes there is a bounce test you can perform. The bounce test is relatively simple to do. If you lean on the back of your car and push down, it will lower. Release and see if it returns to normal right away, or if there is a bounce that happens. If the vehicle bounces more than a couple of times, it has failed the bounce test.

There are other signs that your Subaru will need its shocks and struts replaced. One tell-tale sign is when you stop your vehicle quickly will rock back and forth. Another possible sign that the shocks have gone caput is when you brake at higher speeds; the car will sway left and right. When you combine any of these signs, it most certainly points to needing the shocks replaced.

An Inspection You Can Depend On

To accurately diagnose if the shocks or struts are going out, an automotive technician will need to inspect the suspension parts. The inspection process shouldn’t take very long. A technician will check the condition of the shocks visually and check how much travel it is allowing. As Subaru experts, we are more than qualified to handle any issue your vehicle might be having with its suspension parts. Our team is led by an ASE certified master technician with over 16 years of experience in the industry. You can feel confident knowing your Subaru Outback is in good hands with knowledgeable technicians that will be able to inspect and repair any issue.

M45’s Shock Service

After inspecting the shocks and they are found to be worn out, we would recommend new shocks be installed. Replacing shocks is the only solution to poor ride quality due to worn out shocks. The service can be done the same day in most cases. Because Subaru’s are all-wheel-drive vehicles, it is a good idea to replace both the front and rear shocks at the same time. It will significantly improve ride quality and control.

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