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60,000 Service

The 60,000-mile point in your vehicle means it’s time for service. By now you have probably become accustomed to how your Subaru operates, and want to keep it in excellent condition. Whether you are the original owner of the vehicle or not, one this is for sure, having its manufacturer/dealer recommended service done is a must. You might be saying, “Is it essential to have the 60,000-mile service done on my Subaru Impreza?” The short answer is yes. In many cases, not having it performed can void warranties. If your car falls into a warranty plan that exceeds 60,000 miles, then it is essential to keep up with the services. If something goes wrong with the motor or transmission, you might not be covered, just because you skipped on the essential mile services. The cost of having a 60,000-mile service is much cheaper than having to replace a voided warranty for a motor or transmission.

No matter what model Subaru you have it is crucial to have these milestone services completed. All the things that are done during the service to serve a higher purpose than just keeping you from voiding a warranty. At 60,000 miles many components of your Subaru will need to be checked, replaced, repaired, and filled. The most significant benefit to keeping to scheduled maintenance is ensuring the longevity of the vehicle. Newer cars aren’t exactly cheap, but with proper support, they can go the distance, both miles and time. For instance, one service that gets performed during a 60,000-mile service is an oil change.

Oil changes are perhaps the best service you can do for the motor. Clean oil will help to lubricate all the movable parts of the motor better. It will lead to less friction and keep an engine in better condition. Not only does better lubrication help to maintain the longevity of the motor, but it can also help with fuel economy. When new oil is added, the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and requires less fuel to achieve the same results. As important as the oil change is to have done, there are entirely a few other areas of the vehicle M45 Automotive will check. Subaru has a set list of services that need to be performed for the 60,000-service, and they include:

  • Inspect the belt drive, and make adjustments if necessary
  • Perform an oil change that includes oil, oil filter, and drain plug washer
  • Inspect tread of tires, and perform a tire rotation
  • Adjust tire pressure as needed
  • Replace transmission fluid
  • Inspect critical components of the heating and air conditioning system
  • Inspect the brake system components (this includes fluid, hoses, lines, and pads
  • Check steering and suspension parts
  • Replace the air filter
  • Replace cabin air filter if applicable
  • Inspect and fill any fluids as needed including the front and rear differential
  • Engine and transmission mounts are inspected
  • Check radiator and other cooling system components
  • Inspect wiper blades, recommend replacement if required
  • Check exhaust system for leaks
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check wiring and electrical
  • Perform battery maintenance, could include cleaning terminal cleaning if needed

As you can see, there are many parts of your Subaru that will be inspected to guarantee it is running as good as new. So once you have reached 60,000 miles or perhaps a few miles before, bring your Subaru Forester in for it’s scheduled maintenance to take advantage of the benefits and to keep your vehicle under warranty. M45 Automotive is your one-stop automotive shop for anything Subaru; it’s what we do.

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