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Starter System Service

Nothing is more annoying than when your car won’t start. With so many possibilities of why it won’t start, it can take a skilled automotive technician to find the cause. A common problem some run into is a faulty starter. Another possibility is that a starter switch has gone wrong. No matter what is going on with your Subaru, M45 Automotive can help to diagnose the problem and get it fixed quickly. Many repair tasks can be done on the same day. We try very hard to accomplish the same day repairs, to get you back driving in no time. Experiencing issues with your Subaru Outback not starting?We offer many services to fix any problem within your Subaru starter system including inspection and replacing faulty parts.

Not Sure What The Problem Is? We Can Help!

If you find that your Subaru isn’t starting the way it usually does, it might be time to bring it to our shop. Issues when starting a car can happen all of a sudden or be a slow process. For instance, you might notice that when you turn your key in the ignition. It could also include a strange noise, that sounds a little like grinding. These are good indications that there is a problem, and it needs to be looked at.

Replacing A Starter On Your Subaru

The starter motor is one part that can fail over time because of repeated use. Just think about every time you turn the key in the ignition. When you turn the key, it sends the electrical message to the starter motor to spin. Inside the starter motor are gears that will spin rapidly, to start to rotate the flywheel of your engine. Sometimes the teeth of the gears can wear down, and when this happens, it won’t be making contact with the flywheel as it should. Typically, it is when you will start to hear the grinding sound. If your Subaru is making this unpleasant noise when you go to start your vehicle, bring it by, and we can diagnose if the starter is the problem and if it needs to be replaced.

Starter Switches And More

The whole starting system of the car contains more than just the starter motor. Your Subaru has many components that all need to work together to get its Boxer engine moving. If at any time one of these parts fails, it can cause the whole vehicle not to start. A simple relay switch could be the culprit and might need to be replaced. In more complex situations, there might be a wiring problem or a bad ground that will need to be found and corrected. Our professionals are more than pleased to help with any question you might be having with your starting system.

Choose An Experienced Automotive Shop For Your Subaru

Subaru’s are unique, and not just every mechanic has the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and repair them. At M45 Automotive, Subaru’s are all we do; they are our passion. Our team is led by an ASE Certified Master Technician with over 16 years of experience. Feel confident bringing your Subaru to a knowledgeable shop that will get the job done right.

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