Are Subaru Air Intake Upgrades Worthwhile?

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Modding cars are fantastic for increasing horsepower and torque while achieving max performance potential out of your engine. By far one of the easiest upgrades a person can make to their Subaru is swapping out their stock air intake for a cold air unit. The conversion requires removing the stock air filter box and tubing, replacing it with new piping that keeps air colder, and a cone filter with a shield to block from excessive engine heat.

Engines, including the Boxer engine that Subaru’s are known for, require air for the combustion process. They also need to have a way for exhaust fumes to escape, which is done through the exhaust system. Stricter air flow allowance won’t help the engine breathe which can reduce its ability to reach maximum potential. The easiest way to describe the process is if you are running very fast you will require more oxygen, making you have to breathe heavier. If your ability to breathe is restricted, you won’t be able to maintain that pace for more extended periods of time. The same theory applies to engines. So the big question remains is upgrading your Subaru’s air intake a worthwhile expense, or is the stock air box and filter enough?

The first thing to look at is the cost of the upgrade. Most cold air intakes range from $150- $500, depending on the brand chosen. K&N is a popular choice for car enthusiasts but it isn’t the only brand out their that makes performance air intake components. Because some Subaru models possess a turbo, having cooler and more air flow reach the turbo can result in better boosting abilities, as well as improve the sound of turbo. For those that like to hear that fun turbo noise it can be a welcomed addition.

Because changing air intakes can increase hp, by allowing more air flow to reach your engine, they are certainly worth the upgrade. The estimated horsepower gain from using a cold air intake on a Subaru model is anywhere from 25 to 36 horsepower. These are substantial gains for the less than an hour install they require. Many cold air intakes are relatively cheap, and almost anyone can make the swap. However, if you are uncertain of modifying, some shops, like M45 Automotive can be glad to perform this service.

For any performance upgrade, your vehicle should be in top-notch condition. Otherwise, adding or changing anything could either hurt the internal parts or not give you the results desired. M45 Automotive is a Grass Valley Subaru repair shop that can help to get your vehicle ready for upgrades. For instance, if you have a check engine light on, it is prudent to have it looked at to find the cause and make repairs before trying to alter your car. If you do have a MIL, Malfunction indicator lamp, or CEL, Check Engine Light on, having Subaru inspection services will be necessary.

It’s essential that with whatever modifications you make to your Subaru that you continue to have regular maintenance such as oil changes. M45 Automotive is the place to go for a Subaru oil change in Grass Valley and all other support and performance enhancing services.


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