Subaru Exhaust Problems and Upgrades

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Have you been considering modifying or having repairs done to your Subaru’s exhaust system? Exhaust plays a significant role in how your Subaru’s boxer engine eliminates gases. There are reasons why you should take your vehicle to a Subaru service Rocklin shop for exhaust work.

The first reason to see your Subaru repair shop Rocklin M45 Automotive is for repairs. Exhaust leaks, broken exhaust tubing call all affect your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. Not to mention exhaust leaks will throw an engine code faster than you can say Subaru! A technician will visually inspect the length of the exhaust, including the manifold/header, pipes, catalytic converters, and mufflers.

At times leaks may be hard to find. In the event your technician can’t visually spot the problem, there is a smoke test that can be done to find the source of the leak. An exhaust leak will make your vehicle sound much different, somewhat raspy sounding. These problems will result in reduced fuel economy, and rough idles. To fix the problem you can choose to replace what is broken or do a complete upgrade to the system, or just modify certain parts.

Upgrades to the exhaust are one of the most commonly changed aftermarket modifications done to vehicles. One can enhance the sound to a deeper rumble or quieter depending on the options selected. One of the first pieces you’ll want to consider is if you would like to increase the performance of your vehicle or if you were happy with how it came stock. Increasing the diameter of the exhaust tubing will help to improve the flow capabilities of your engine.

Mufflers have the ability to change what you hear when you accelerate or at idle. That moment where you hit the gas and here the purr, can be made louder by changing out the muffler. Brands like Flowmaster and Borla are prevalent choices for individuals looking to enhance the sound quality. These brands make many models that all provide different tones.

To get the best installation of your exhaust system, you’ll want to use a Subaru repair in Rocklin that offers these services. Larger exhaust means the routing of the tubing may differ than how it originally came, and a professional will best know how to fit the new pieces in place and weld them together if need be. Other upgrades you can do include changing from a single exhaust to dual exhaust. Dual exhaust is typically used with V-shaped engines. But the tubing can be modified from single exhaust straight back to dual. Many Subaru owners opt to have just a larger single catless exhaust.

A new exhaust system can do wonders for your vehicle. When you combine a new exhaust with a new intake, your engine will be breathing much more efficiently. When making the upgrades, you’ll also want to consider having a dyno service performed to get the most out of the new products. Dyno services are a way to reconfigure how your Subaru’s computer recognizes the upgrades allowing you to get the maximum potential out of any modifications. In some cases with a tune, you can improve your miles per gallon too!


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