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If you’ve been searching for a reliable, high quality service for your Subaru and you live in Rocklin, come check us out!

We're not far away. At M45 Automotive, we offer a comprehensive, state of the art service for all Subaru vehicles.
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Independent Subaru Service near Rocklin, CA

We are here to serve you and make your life easier when you are experiencing car trouble. We provide comprehensive services for every Subaru make and model.

Why M45 Automotive is the Best

The best technicians and automotive experts

M45 Automotive has worked feverishly to build a strong reputation on high quality workmanship, impeccable service and customer satisfaction.

For any and all Subaru models

We provide our customers with highly trained automotive professionals to help with all issues whether cosmetic, electrical or mechanical for Subaru vehicles.

Specializing in Subaru vehicles only

Years of experience and solely trained for all Subaru makes and models has allowed M45 Automotive near Rocklin, in Auburn, to perform only the highest quality maintenance and service, that is equivalent to those over priced Subaru dealerships, at a more affordable price.

A price much more suitable

Our professional staff are always available to give you an ‘on the spot’, honest opinion, quote and recommendation, without any pressure to complete the service at our shop.

Years of experience

We stand by our commitment to ‘excellence,’ in every aspect of our business, which is why we are industry leaders and one of the ‘best’ technicians, in the Rocklin area.

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Why Choosing M45 Automotive is the Right Decision

We stand by our dedication to quality service on your Subaru vehicle, by only employing professional under ASE certification. All our team of technicians have fully competed the rigorous ASE technical training and evaluation program becoming 100% certified on servicing all but Subaru.

M45 Automotive of Rocklin offer a vast selection of services for your convenience. From basic engine inspections to a comprehensive service of your vehicle, our team of ASE certified professionals use a systematic approach to each and every problem, regardless of size.

Driving in the Rocklin area requires large amounts of freeway driving. This causes wear and tear on your vehicle, shortening its lifespan and resulting in safety issues. At M45 we want to help you extend the life of your vehicle, and give you the insurance of knowing your vehicle is safe for all road conditions. To ensure your safety and the safety of your family, M45 offers the following services to help maintain the upmost safety on your Subaru.

  • Oil Changes
    • Enables better engine performance
    • Eliminates dirt and debris build up
    • Improved gas consumption
    • Less Co2 emissions
    • Extended engine life on your vehicle
  • Maintenance Inspection
    • Increased safety measures
    • Boost the juice in your engine and improved fuel economy
    • Lengthen engine lifespan
  • Full Brake Service and Inspection
    • Ensures your precious cargo’s safety
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Issues
    • Full inspection of all parts
    • Recommendations for part replacement
    • Early identification and replacement of worn parts can save you money in the future.
  • Part Replacements
    • We believe that no-one should be without the luxury of heating and cooling in their vehicle

Customers Reviews

Read few of our customers reviews on Yelp

It doesn't surprise me that these guys are receiving yet another 5 star review. Hands down one of the best shops I have ever dealt with. Their service and professionalism is top notch and it does not surprise me how much people rave about these guys. Very honest shop that has your best interest in mind but willing to help you out the best they can when the going gets rough. So glad I found a very knowledgeable Subaru shop when I broke down far away from home.

Harley W.

Irvine, CA

I had a great experience with Tony and M45. I needed several issues fixed (Head gasket leak, power steering, front end) and their prices were about 10% less than I'd been quoted elsewhere and everything was done quickly and with a great attitude. I've been looking for a new shop for my Subaru and this is it!

Mark H.

Auburn, CA

Busy Life? We’re Here to Help

We can relate to your busy schedule, and finding time to service your vehicle can be tough and inconvenient at best. There is hardly enough time to do the things you want to, let alone find time to service your vehicle.
M45 Automotive’s courteous experts are always available with our extended business hours and appointment availability 6 days during the week, in the hope to make servicing your vehicle a little more convenient for you. We also provide a complimentary shuttle bus, to assist you in getting where you need to go, while you are without your car.
Don’t put off servicing your Subaru any longer. Call us today or pop into our establishment anytime between regular business hours and setup your next appointment. You’ll be grateful you did!
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