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Truckee Subaru owners! Are you looking for a Subaru technician you can trust?

If you want high quality service, at an affordable price, then M45 Automotive are the right people for you.
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Independent Subaru Service in Auburn, CA

We are here to serve you and make your life easier when you are experiencing car trouble. We provide comprehensive services for every Subaru make and model.

Independent Subaru Service in Auburn, CA

The best technicians and automotive experts

Here at M45 Automotive we offer our customers the best technicians and automotive experts to assist you with all your vehicle’s maintenance and performance problems.

For any and all Subaru models

Our highly trained, industry leading staff are available upon appointment to complete a comprehensive service for any and all Subaru models on the road today.

Specializing in Subaru vehicles only

Specializing in Subaru vehicles only enables M45 Automotive to deliver a higher quality service and repairs comparable to any Subaru dealership, though at a fraction of the cost.

A price much more suitable

A price much more suitable to your budget and making our customers some of the happiest on the road!

Years of experience

We also strive to provide a seamless experience when choosing M45 Automotive.
By offering you years of experience in exceptional customer service, open communication, friendly staff, and highly trained and skilled technicians from which we’ve built our outstanding reputation upon.

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Why Choose M45 Automotive?

We realize the importance of trust in our business. In order to prove our commitment to quality servicing of your Subaru, all of our technicians at M45 Automotive are ASE certified. Through a comprehensive training and assessment program, our technicians are certified experts in servicing and repairing all Subaru vehicles.

Furthermore, we offer a wide option of vehicle services. Whether a simple inspection to a complete overhaul of your Subaru engine. All vehicle services are treated the same in a methodical systematic approach, leaving our team of experts to consider any service no problem at all.

The cold, icy winters of the Sierra Nevadas can wreck havoc on most vehicles. All wheel drive is a necessity in these conditions and it’s imperative that Subaru owners protect their vehicle and family from these harsh conditions mother nature can set forth.

By choosing any of the following M45 Automotive services, you’ll instantly discover a better performance, vehicle life extension, and the ultimate peace of mind that your safety is priority one.

  • Oil Changes
    • Reduce the wear and tear on your engine
    • Increase gas mileage
    • Further extend the life of your engine
  • Maintenance Checks
    • Improve the lifespan of your vehicle
    • Safety inspections to ensure your vehicle is road safe
    • Save you on future expenses by early identification of major engine failures.
    • Check engine lights
  • Complete Brake Service
    • Replace/repair brakes and brake pads
    • Ensure your safety
  • AC/Heating Issues
  • Part Replacements

Customers Reviews

Read few of our customers reviews on Yelp

It doesn't surprise me that these guys are receiving yet another 5 star review. Hands down one of the best shops I have ever dealt with. Their service and professionalism is top notch and it does not surprise me how much people rave about these guys. Very honest shop that has your best interest in mind but willing to help you out the best they can when the going gets rough. So glad I found a very knowledgeable Subaru shop when I broke down far away from home.

Harley W.

Irvine, CA

I had a great experience with Tony and M45. I needed several issues fixed (Head gasket leak, power steering, front end) and their prices were about 10% less than I'd been quoted elsewhere and everything was done quickly and with a great attitude. I've been looking for a new shop for my Subaru and this is it!

Mark H.

Auburn, CA

Who Has Time For a Service?

We understand the hustle of everyday life. Running around with that endless list of errands, trafficking the kids to and fro, and when you get a moment, you’re probably off on a road trip in your sporty Subaru.
Here at M45 Automotive, we pride ourselves in making your life a little easier whenever possible by offering extended hours, and available appointments six days a week to help balance the load of your modern day busy lifestyle.
Contact us for your trusted one-stop shop for superior quality services, diagnostic, electrical, mechanical, or cosmetic issues. Time to stop procrastinating and call today or stop by during business hours to schedule your next Subaru service.
Your vehicle and your family will thank you in the long run.
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