Surprising Subaru Facts You Might Not Know

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For those that have ridden in, drove, or owned a Subaru, you undoubtedly have at some point, fallen in love with the brand. It’s not uncommon, Subaru’s are unlike any car on the road. They have their personality; they handle the road in a way many other vehicles in their price point could never do. Subaru is filled with interesting facts you might not be aware of. Let’s check out a few things you might not know about the brand, the cars, and what makes Subaru one of the most delightful cars to own.


Subaru Beginnings

When you picture a Subaru, you probably envision a Forester wagon or the four-door Impreza. Their body stylings haven’t changed much for the past 20 years or so. However, when Subaru first started in 1954, their Subaru 1500 looked much different from the models in today’s market. Interesting fact about their first vehicle produced, it made a staggering 55 horsepower. When you compare that to 256 HP, a 2018 Subaru Outback can deliver it looks like small potatoes. But back in 1954, the Subaru 1500 had some get up and go.


Unique Engines

While your dad’s Chevy truck houses a 5.3-liter V8 powerhouse, Subaru doesn’t use the V-shaped design or even an inline engine. Every Subaru uses what is called a Boxer engine. These motors are unique and unique to the Subaru lineup. The only other car manufacturer to use the Boxer engine is Porsche, but they only utilize the design in a few of their models. The Boxer is a flat engine design where the cylinders are horizontally opposed. The engines in a Subaru have been known to outlast almost every other type of motor on the market. For this reason, Subaru has earned reliability rating. The horsepower numbers reached with a boxer engine vary from the high 100’s up to 250 horsepower.

The only other brand that used a unique design was Mazda, with their rotary engine. Because of its uniqueness, owners of a Subaru should visit Auburn Subaru service for any repair needs on these particular motors.



The reason many people choose Subaru is for their well-known ability to last longer than other makes and models on the road. Is this because of their design or Subaru owners take care of their vehicles more? While that hasn’t been determined, a surprising fact that of all the Subarus sold within the last 12 years, 96% of them are still on the road! 96%! This figure speaks volumes about the longevity of Subarus. They are built to last. If you have been in one, you’ll notice that the quality of the parts are much higher than some other vehicles on the road today. Features aren’t as flimsy, and there has been great care taken into their design.

If your Subaru needs service, bringing it into a Subaru repair in Auburn can help promote the longevity these cars are capable of. No matter what model Subaru you own, or have been in, they always bring a smile to a person’s face. They handle curves better than most thanks to their suspension and all-wheel drive set-up, and are the best choice when driving in inclement weather!


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