The Essential Tips For New Subaru Owners

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Have you just purchased your first Subaru? First off, congratulations, and welcome to one of the most fantastic car ownership experiences you will enjoy for years to come. Subaru’s are excellent for their handling, their safety, and sheer exciting driving experience. These reasons are probably what made you decide to purchase one in the first place. Along with their killer good looks, and exceptional performance.

Getting longevity out of your Subaru means you will need to take care of it when needed. As a new Subaru owner, you will want an Auburn Car repair shop, like M45 Automotive to take care of all the maintenance items you will need to have done. During the first few months of ownership you will learn that there are essential items you will need to have done, and they can include:

Routine Maintenance

  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Fill or Top Off Fluids
  • Inspect Air Filter/Replace

Inspection Services

  • Inspect Tires
  • Inspect Belts and Hoses
  • Inspect Cooling System
  • Brake Inspection
  • Inspect Steering & Suspension Components
  • Check engine light diagnostics*

These are the necessary items that are included in the 30k routine maintenance service. It is imperative that you observe the maintenance schedule and don’t delay having work done that is specific to your vehicle’s needs. In some cases, the possibility of voiding warranties can occur if you don’t have the milestone services are done, which can cost you big time if something were to go wrong. M45 Automotive has a great blog dedicated to advanced guide for Subaru owners available on our blog, which will be very helpful for now and during your Subaru ownership.

The milestone services at each mileage marker are crucial. The points above will be made at almost every milestone service. Once your car reaches the 90k or 120k, there may be more extensive services needed for preventative care, such as a timing belt change. Adhering to these schedules will allow your vehicle to have its max performance and better fuel economy too.

Inspections are an essential feature for any Subaru owner. Taking your vehicle in whenever you suspect an issue to have it looked over will quickly determine the problem. While many do not like to know there is a problem, because of the potential for a costly repair, it is better to know early on. A diagnostic service can not only determine the issue but being able to repair your vehicle sooner, ensures it’s longevity.


Owning a Subaru will give you vast amounts of joy for the miles ahead. If taken care of properly you will find that a Subaru can outlast many of the other car manufacturers and models on the market. The key to keeping it running like new is always having your routine maintenance done, which includes the 30k, 60k, 90k, and 120k mile services. Key components will be inspected, and parts will be replaced when needed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

To prevent the premature failure of your vehicles parts, having an inspection done in a timely fashion is a must. Failure to make repairs when needed can cause other parts to wear or break. M45 Automotive offers a variety of inspections that include all the major systems of your Subaru, including drivetrain, electrical, suspension, and steering. We also provide in-house car machine shops to handle any machine work that may be required for your vehicle’s engine later on down the road.


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