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Tire Services

Tires are one of the essential features on your Subaru that need to be in good shape. Tires serve a purpose of delivering safety, ride quality, better fuel economy and more. Subaru vehicles are little different than a front wheel or rear wheel drive cars. They have an all-wheel-drive system. This feature makes driving a Subaru much more fun than other vehicles and safer during inclement weather.

Many problems can arise with your tires and situations that can throw off the feel and function of your Subaru Outback. For instance, low tire pressure can make the handling feel different and will make taking corners not feel as right as it once did. M45 Automotive can help with any tire problem you might be experiencing on your Subaru vehicle. Many of our tire services are quick to do, and we will have you in and out in no time

Tire Inspection With M45 Automotive

Headed out on an adventure in your Subaru Forester and not sure if your tires are in the best shape? Bring your vehicle to M45 Automotive for a tire inspection to ensure you have a trip that is tire-trouble free. We can inspect your tire tread depth, wear on the tires, add air, or recommended tire replacements if needed. A tire inspection is worth the time and can give clues if other parts of your vehicle are not functioning correctly. Tires can provide a good indication if your vehicle’s alignment is off.

In many cases, tires might just need to have air added to ensure they have the same pounds of pressure all the way around. Running your Subaru with mismatched tire pressure puts a strain on the car, decreases fuel economy, and will shorten the life of your tires.

Replacing Single Tires

Tire blowouts and accidents happen, we get that. Replacing one of your tires is only recommended if your other tires are in great shape, and you have just recently purchased them. The most significant factor to consider when you buy a single tire is to make sure it matches the other tires you have on your vehicle already. It means your tire should be the same brand, tread pattern, and size. Replacing tires with something different can change the way your Subaru handles the road, and not give you optimal driving conditions.

Replacing Tires In Pairs Or All Four

At M45 Automotive we understand that replacing all your tires at once can get expensive, but sometimes it is necessary. When it’s time to replace your worn-out tires for new ones, we can help. You will want to return tires in pairs or all four at one time. If opting for replacing just two out of the four, it is essential to purchase the same two tires. If possible, you should match the other tires that aren’t being replaced so that tread pattern and size match. One service important to be done is wheel alignment. It will enhance drivability, and help to ensure tires last longer. Tires can last a long time and are worth the investment, so it is essential that you have your Subaru inspected for any changes in your tires.

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