Top 5 Issues Subaru Cars Are Known For and the Importance of Maintenance Visits

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When you own a Subaru, chances are you love the excitement they bring and how well they handle the road. If you desire to have your car last longer, it is a good idea to know what common issues can occur, and how to spot the warning signs before something major can happen. Knowing the signs and symptoms is just one way to keep your car running at its peak performance, and the other is staying on top of your Subaru maintenance schedule. While problems can occur throughout the line of Subaru’s, not all models experience ever since one of these. Let’s take a check the top 5 most common problems you may encounter when you own a Subaru.

A/C O-Rings Fail

A notorious culprit for an air conditioner not blowing cold air, a worn O-Ring in the A/C system can cause a leak in the system. Over time these parts just become fragile and start to erode. You can bet that if your Subaru is blowing air, but not cooling your car, it is more than likely due to an O-Ring failure. It is easily corrected, a Subaru service center will typically identify the leak source, replacing the O-ring and then recharging the system.

Front Suspension Parts Crack and Wear

Over time, Subaru’s are known for having lower control arm bushings, as well as the sway bar bushings, go bad. These items can cause squeaks and noises to come from the front end of your vehicle as well as resulting in a different ride quality. As part of having good Subaru maintenance, these items should be checked on each visit to replace worn out bushings.

Head Gaskets Failing

No one likes to hear the term blown head gasket. Many of the Subaru’s motors have been plagued with this issue. When a head gasket goes bad, it mostly means that coolant and oil are mixing in the engine because of a crack in the gasket itself. Some of the typical symptoms you might notice are low levels of coolant and oil as well as running hot on your temperature gauges. It’s important that if you experience these to have your car looked at as soon as you can, and never run your Subaru if it is overheating.

Oil Cooler O-Ring

This O-Ring, situated above the oil filter has been known to go wrong on most Subaru. Luckily, it is an easy fix and technicians can do during a routine maintenance visit as part of your oil change.

CV Axle Issues

It isn’t the axle itself that is the problem, but the inner and outer joints and boots. The joints are lubricated and covered by the boots. Over time the boots will tear and leak the grease, causing friction and wearing down of the axle. It can eventually if not fixed because your CV axle to break.

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