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Not to underrate the Subaru’s fantastic boxer engines, but the transmission plays a significant role in how power is transferred to the axles. The transmissions job is to convert the power your vehicle’s engine makes and direct it through a drive shaft where it will then all your tires to rotate. Whether you are operating a manual transmission or one of Subaru’s automatic CVT (continuously variable transmissions), it’s essential that it works. Without a functioning transmission, your car will no longer drive or go into reverse. Let’s face it if you don’t have these things you aren’t going very far. Most Subarus have the option for both style transmissions, but the automatic has a unique design that allows for the smoothest operation. In most cases, you won’t feel any jerks or hesitation as you accelerate. M45 Automotive offers transmission maintenance, service, and repair of all Subaru transmission types.


Having routine maintenance done on your Subaru’s transmission can extend its life. It can also help to keep gear changes smooth. Maintenance isn’t something you should consider if your transmission is experiencing problems already. However, having an M45 automotive technician inspect your transmission problem will alert you to what can solve a problem.

Two maintenance items you will want to have done on your automatic transmission is replacing old automatic transmission fluid with new fluid, and changing the transmission filter. These are done at regular intervals to ensure premature transmission failure doesn’t happen. Specific maintenance items like a transmission flush could correct problems you might be having such as slow shifting problems. This service is always a good idea to have done at regular intervals as well. Your Subaru’s transmission works hard every time you drive it, and have preventative maintenance done is the key to keeping working properly.

Service And Repair

Ok, so your Subaru Forester has been having troubles shifting from second to third? What should you do? One thing not to do is think the problem will just resolve itself. Subaru transmissions are complicated, and many of their parts can fail. It’s mechanical, and it happens. One thing you should do before driving your Forester any further brings it by M45 Automotive for transmission service or repair. It is possible that limiting the amount you drive your vehicle can stop more damage from occurring. It is possible that a shift solenoid has gone out, or a sensor is bad, and these will need to be replaced. Another common problem for transmissions is leaking. It can happen in some places, but the transmission pan gasket is a common culprit. This repair can stop fluid loss, and help with shifting problems due to low fluid. Other issues can occur within the transmission itself, and it is essential to address it by doing a transmission rebuild repair.

At M45 Automotive, we are Subaru experts; it’s what we do. Subaru transmissions are a little different than others out there, and we have the experience to identify the problem and solve it.


Sometimes the damage done to transmission is too high. In these cases, it might be time to replace it with a new one. There are pros and cons to replacement, but it will solve the problem of a transmission that has completely gone out. Replacing your transmission with a new one can be a long-term or longer lasting solution to repairs, but it is also an expensive service to have done.

For any transmission problem, you might be experiencing in your Subaru, M45 Automotive can help. From maintenance to replacement we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

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