What’s the Real Difference Between a Machine Shop and a Regular Automotive Shop?

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Machine Shops and Mechanics

The biggest identifying factor for machine shops is that they can fix the mechanical aspect of cars and motorcycles. If you are having a problem with your engine, air conditioner, compressor, or anything that is an automated process within your vehicle, you are going to want to use an engine machine shop. They will be able to get your car back to a functioning level.


Automotive Shops

Automotive stores, on the other hand, are going to deal primarily with the exterior of the car. For example, if it gets into an accident, and if someone smashed the bumper of your vehicle, a mechanic is not going to be able to fix that for you. They can only fix the internal problems. Auto body shops are going to be able to repair the exterior and aesthetics of your car, making it look brand new. They can complete minor repairs to the car, but their particular area of expertise is the exterior of your vehicle.


Differences in Repairs

Of course, the biggest difference between your nearby machine shop and the auto body shop is what they repair. Say your car is in an accident that ultimately wrecks the car. Your mechanic is going to be able to make sure that your engine works correctly, and is functioning with the rest of the vehicle. On the other hand, an auto body mechanic is going to be able to fix the aesthetic damage, repairing your bumpers, doors, and more. The new paint job is also going to be completed by the auto body shop so that your car looks as good as brand-new.


How About After the Repairs?

After the repairs, who is in charge of the maintenance? If you need a new transmission, who do you go? If you need to fix a scratch on your bumper, who can you go? Well, similarly to the repair process, maintenance falls into standard categories. If you need to fix a problem with the engine or any of the mechanical means of your car, then you are going to want to visit a machine shop Roseville, CA. If the paint job on your vehicle needs a touch-up, you will need to go to an auto body shop.


The Real Question Is, What You Should Do?

In the end, then, where you go will not depend on price or the reputation of the shop, but what exactly you need. For any problems with an engine, you need to visit an engine machine shop. On the other hand, if you find that your car needs a paint job, or has a huge dent that you need taken out, then finding the best auto body shop is going to be necessary.